Review of Namaste Gluten free Bread mix

The folks at Namaste sent me a free sample of their bread mix to review.  This review is my honest opinion, regardless of receiving a free product. 


The search for truly good gluten-free bread has led me down some interesting paths.  I have tried mixes (King Arthur and Pamela’s), and frozen, (Udi’s, Kinnickinick, O’Doughs) and have not yet found gluten free bread that reminds me of real, yeasty, chewy and gluten-filled bread.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about this bread mix.  The directions are pretty straight forward and easy, but how would it taste?

namaste bread mix.jpg

Here are the directions from the side of the box:


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And two for tea…review of The Republic of Tea

tea sampler.jpg


I posted a review the other day of The True Tea club, and how I was not really impressed with them.  I ordered a sampler of teas from The Republic of Tea, and so far, I am liking them much better.

Sampler packs are a great way to not only discover new tea, but to be sure that you like something without buying an entire box, only to discover you hate it.  I decided to get their 12 count tea bag gift sampler.  They have other sampler packs available also, so you can tailor them to your taste.

The samples came in a cute little box.  No excelsior!  The tea bags are round with no tags or staples and are easy to use.

I have tried a couple of the flavors I ordered, and so far, I really like them.  I should have looked up the ingredients list before ordering, as one of the teas contained barley malt and chicory root (I know, shame on me!).  The other teas I received checked out okay as far as dietary ingredients I need to avoid.

So far I have sampled:

caramel vanilla tea.jpg


banana chocolate tea.jpg

Both have really nice flavors.  The banana chocolate is especially interesting and really tastes like bananas.  It is made with Rooibos tea.  The caramel vanilla has a pleasant vanilla taste and is made with black tea.  It is hard for me to find herbal teas locally that I can drink and that I like.  This is a great way to find new herbal and also decaffeinated teas.

If you are looking for a way to sample a nice variety of tea with no commitment, then the Republic of Tea is the way to go!


Tea for two-review of The True Tea Club

I don’t normally write posts about tea, but since I cannot drink coffee, I often get bored with the same old tea flavors.  I thought I would try out a tea club so that I could experience different teas from around the world.  Box clubs seem to be very popular now, so why not include tea?

The True Tea Club is a UK based company that specializes in sending boxes a variety of four teas from around the world every month to subscribers.  These are loose teas, and require the use of an infuser. Here are some FAQ’s about their subscription, including costs.  There are definite benefits to subscribing to a monthly tea box, but there are also drawbacks, especially if you have specific allergens and tastes.  Let me elaborate.

Tea, in my case, comes with a myriad of ingredients that I need to avoid, such as nuts, and flavors I do not care for, such as Earl Grey and florally teas, as well as any gluten, dairy, or honey.  When you first subscribe, you can tailor your selections to your own tastes.  I did specify no gluten, dairy or nuts.  I later sent an amended email (to which I received no response) stating I wanted no Earl Grey (I hate bergamot), and nothing florally.  Having some flowers in the tea is ok, as long as it is not overwhelming.  I know, I really fussy about my tea!

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Hit and miss with Ian’s gluten free

review of ian's gif.gif

It’s great when you can find a company that you can rely on for consistent gluten free products.  There are a few out there, like King Arthur, that deliver the goods.  Then there is Ian’s gluten free.  All of their products are free of most common allergens.

I have tried several of their frozen and packaged products, and I would like to share my reviews with you, so that you can make informed choices.   Of course,  my tastes are subjective.

Ian’s fish sticks


It’s hard to replicate breading in a gluten free version.  If you grew up with Mrs. Pauls or Gorton’s fish sticks, you will be sadly disappointed.  These taste like cardboard.   There’s no getting around it.

Chicken Nuggets


You’d do better with Tyson gluten free nuggets.  Again, these taste like cardboard.

French Bread pizza


These are no threat to Stouffer’s.  The crust gets really tough if you microwave these.  The cheese is gooey and has a weird texture.  Pizza is one of the things that’s almost impossible to replicate.  I have struggled with this for months and have pretty much given up on ever eating a decent slice of pizza again.

Panko bread crumbs


These were pretty good, with a nice spice blend.  They were crunchy, but did not adhere well to my chicken cutlets.  I would still recommend these.



I was really amazed to see gluten free croutons at my local store.  I think the whole kale thing is a gimmick, but having said that, these are absolutely delicious.  They really nailed it.  They are crunchy, but not hard as a rock.  I am really impressed with these.

So there you have it.  You should try these Ian’s products and share your reviews here.


Review of Enjoy life Plentils and two other new products

new product reviews

One of the best things about writing a blog about gluten and dairy free living is the opportunity to try new products, and to share my reviews with all of you.  This past week, I ordered a few new items to try from Amazon.

I want to start by reviewing Enjoy life Plentils.  I am a big fan of Enjoy life foods; especially their chocolate chips.  A few months back, I reviewed another similar type of snack food, Beanfields, which are made of beans. You can see my review of those here.

Plentils are made from lentils.  They are crunchy, savory and slightly salty.  I ordered the Margherita pizza flavor from Amazon, as they are not available in my area.


I can’t say they really remind me of pizza, per se.  The first thing you get when you open the bag is a strong whiff of parmesan; not that that’s a bad thing!.  There is no dairy in these.  I’m not sure how they pull that off, but I am really impressed.  They do not taste like lentils at all.  In fact, they really remind me of pork rinds.  They are delicious!

Several months ago, I did a review on NOwhey mini chocolate peanut butter cups.  I was not impressed with them.  They had no discernable peanut butter taste.  I thought that maybe because they were so small, that the lack of filling precluded me from giving them a fair review.  So I ordered the regular size cups.

nowhey peanut butter cups

Forget about “losing your cravings for Reese’s”.  They don’t even come close.  The filling is lacking any sort of flavor.  They use sunflower seed butter, but don’t add anything resembling the filling of a Reese’s peanut butter cup.   The chocolate is okay, but nothing to write home about.

I do want to say that I give them kudos for providing allergen-free Easter chocolates.  I have not tried them, but kids and parents will be thanking them when the Easter Bunny visits.

My last review is of Udi’s Rye bread.  I have been trying to find this bread for months; I had to order it from the glutenfree shop.   It’s really hard to find.  I miss rye bread, and this comes pretty close, caraway seeds and all.

udis rye

Udi’s is a pretty reliable brand.  The only issue I have is with the big holes in their bread, which they can’t seem to fix.  But it is one of the few brands that doesn’t have honey,  agave or inulin, all of which I have to avoid.

So there you have it;  three new products for you to try.  Please share your reviews!

Giving Nutella a run for its of 88 acres Chocolate sunflower seed butter



A couple of weeks ago I reviewed 88 acres seed snack bars.  After tasting and really liking the chocolate sea salt bars, I wanted to try their seed butter.

If you have dairy issues, eating Nutella is out.  Not to mention the fact that it has Palm kernel oil, one of the worst types of oils you can consume.  There are a lot of recipes using Nutella that I have to avoid because of this.  Well, that may change.

88 Acres chocolate sunflower seed butter is as close as you will get to Nutella.  It has a rich, chocolate flavor and a smooth consistency that resembles peanut butter, and it is all natural.  It is gluten, dairy, nut and soy free.


Organic Sunflower Seeds
Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar
Organic Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil
Organic Cocoa Powder
Organic Cocoa Butter
Sea Salt

I tried it spread on raisin toast with some orange marmalade-Nirvana!!  I will definitely be trying it in some baked goods.

I highly recommend it!




A disappointed review of Julian Bakery Paleo protein bars



I don’t like writing negative reviews.  But I always want to be honest in writing this blog, so I will be writing an honest review of Julian Bakery’s Paleo Protein Bars.  This review is my opinion only.  You may agree or disagree.  Here is a link to their website if you would like to try them for yourself.

From their website:

About Paleo Protein Bars

Introducing Julian Bakery’s Paleo Protein Bar®! They are 100% Paleo, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Grain-free, High-fiber, Nut-free (except for Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Pudding, Almond Fudge, and Vanilla Cake), Dairy-free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Whey-free, & No Sugar Alcohols. All of our bars contain 20g of protein with no added sugar (2g naturally occurring) sweetened with monk fruit or organic stevia leaf. Each bar is a complete protein meal replacement or snack with 160 or more calories and 2 Net Carbs or more (10 Flavors To Choose From). Our bars are soft, creamy, cake like, and best of all delicious!

Paleo Protein Bars are made with the best bio-available proteins (Egg White Or Grass-Fed Beef Beef Protein), combined with carefully selected fibers, carbohydrates, and healthy fats (from coconut). Calorie values of 1.2 and 2.4 per gram respectively, versus 4 calories per gram used for typical carbohydrates. Our healthy organic prebiotic fiber (from organic tapioca) helps improve digestion, curb appetite without all the stomach issues.

All flavors are lab tested for nutritional accuracy. We offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all our Paleo Protein Bars (Full Refund For Any unopened bars returned).

I bought a variety sample pack of three flavors; Pure Sunflower Butter, Devil’s Food Cake andVanilla Cookie for $19.99 plus shipping.  I have to be careful as some of the bars contain items I am allergic to.  I narrowed it down to this variety pack.

I received a confirmation email saying that my bars would be “fresh baked” and would ship within 7-14 business days.  I was hoping to find a nice new bar to take with me on the road when I travel.  Sadly,  this was not to be.

When the bars arrived, I opened the box and picked out the vanilla cookie bar flavor first.


Upon opening the bar, I immediately noticed how oily it was.  When I touched it, I had an oil slick on my hands.  The bar literally looked like a lump of playdough.  I kid you not. But, in the interest of fair play, I tried to break a piece off.  It had the consistency of very chewy taffy.  Biting off a piece was equally unsuccessful.

That was it for me; I threw the entire box into the trash.

It hurts when I spend a lot of money on a product only to be disappointed.  There are people that rave about these.  I’m not sure why, but I guess it all depends on your perspective and what you are looking for.  They are not my cup of tea.

If you have tried these and like them, please feel free to share your opinion.