My favorite tested recipes



Here are some of my favorite recipes.   I will continue to add recipes as I try them out.

If anyone tries these out, please comment on your results.  If you have any questions on substitutions, please contact me.


Cornbread sausage stuffing

This recipe is absolutely delicious and really easy to make.  No modifications are needed here except to use dairy free spread.

Gluten Free cheeseburger pie

Betty crocker gluten free bisquick is a great addition to your pantry.  It’s a great shortcut.  This pie is easy to make and really good.

Gluten free french apple pie

This is more of an apple cake, but my family loves it.  I double the streusel recipe. I also use a variety of apples.  Again, I used gluten free bisquick

Beef burgundy

This is a great crock pot recipe.  Absolutely delicious.  Use rice flour to coat the meat before browning.

Hungarian beef goulash

More of a soup but very good.  Add this to your crockpot repertoire.

Tuna noodle casserole

I used rice flour.  Any non-dairy milk of your choice can be used.  I also used non-dairy cheese.

Baked eggplant parmigiana 

I am the only eggplant lover in the family.  I find when frying with gluten free bread crumbs that they tend to fall off.  Baking the eggplant in the oven is genius.  This was delicious. Use gluten free breadcrumbs.  I also used dairy free mozzarella.  I do not like the shreds; I used slices.

Chicken pot pie

I posted this on a previous blog post.  I made a few tweaks.  I cut way down on the liquid.  I used half a cup of milk and about two cups of the broth I cooked the chicken in.  I left out the celery.  I used rice flour to thicken.  I did not sprinkle the flour over the finished filling;  I believe this would have been gritty.  I mixed about a tablespoon into the milk.  You may need more or less depending on how thick you want it.

I used pamela’s bread mix for the pie crust:

This was a bit tricky but worth it.  I used half crisco and half earth balance.  I think I made the dough a little too dry as it cracked, but the crust was flaky and tasted great.  I truly love Pamela’s mixes.

Gluten free pumpkin applesauce cake

This is amazing.  Moist and flavorful.  I ran out of applesauce the last time I made this and used grape seed oil.  It turned out ok but was a bit heavy.  I used cinnamon and nutmeg.  Serve with non-dairy topping and chocolate syrup.  Heavenly!

Gluten and dairy free stuffed shrimp

I had a real craving for these since I can’t order them in a restaurant anymore.  This is a restaurant quality recipe.  And it truly satisfied my craving.

Betty Crocker Impossibly Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies

I wanted to try these after making the full crust chicken pot pie in the above recipe.  The only comment I have is you might want to make a bit of extra batter-or maybe I overfilled the muffin cups but I had a difficult time getting these out.  Some of them broke.  A longer cooling time might be better before removing from the pan.  In any case, hubby and I ate 10 of the 12 mini pot pies.  That says it all!

Poor Man’s stew

Easy and delicious stew with ground beef, potatoes and carrots in a tomato gravy. Delicious and quick in the crockpot.   Can be modified to use any veggies or meat you like.

Flourless Chocolate Fudge Brownies

These are chocolatey, fudgey, heaven.  More like fudge than cake, you’ll never miss the flour.

Gluten free Banana Blueberry Muffins

Moist and delicious, these are easy to make with gluten free Bisquick.  Great for breakfast, or with a nice cup of tea.

Easy corn muffins

Quick, slightly sweet and moist.  Use gluten free Measure for Measure flour here.

Easy apple cake

Delicious and quick to make.  Use gluten free Measure for Measure flour here.

King Arthur Chocolate Cake Pan Cake

This is my go-to chocolate cake.  It will satisfy any chocolate craving.  I cover it with dairy free ganache.  I use King Arthur Measure for Measure flour here.

Simply Perfect Pancakes

They are simple and perfect.  Again, I use Measure for Measure flour here.  You can’t tell these are gluten free.  They are light and fluffy and taste like the real deal.

Chocolate Bacon Brownies

These brownies are decadent, sweet, salty and rich.  They will impress!


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