My Gluten free weight loss journey, week 16



The battle of the carbs continues!

I gained almost half a pound this week.  Chalk it up to carelessness in portions and eating too many carbs.  Nothing new here.

It’s a constant battle.  Sometimes I feel like I am losing the war.  Sometimes I lose my resolve and just want to chuck it all.  But I don’t.  I keep on slogging.

I keep picturing myself looking decent in a bathing suit.  We are taking a Caribbean cruise in March, and I want to be able to wear said bathing suit, and short shorts.  The only problem is, all of my summer clothes are swimming on me right now.  Where will I find shorts that fit in February?  Mail order is iffy at best.  I guess I will figure something out!  See, I am thinking positive!

Like my mom, I am pear shaped.  Upper body is looking pretty good.  Then I look at the belly and thighs and think, I am still overweight!   We all have distorted body image to some degree.  I am no exception.

I will continue to fight the good fight and see where it leads.  But I wish I would stop gaining and losing the same five pounds!


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