Misleading labelling

UPDATE:  I wrote a complaint RE this post to FritoLay by email yesterday and received a really nice reply:

Hi Janice,

Thank you for writing.  I’m sorry you had a negative experience with Smartfood Delight Rosemary & Olive Oil Popcorn and sincerely apologize for the concern this may have caused.  I’m sending coupons to you which should arrive in about a week. These can be used for Smartfood Delight Sea Salted Popcorn, which is gluten free and contains no dairy ingredients.

Thanks again for reaching out to us, Janice!  We value your loyalty and hope you’ll continue to enjoy snacks from Smartfood.

Should you have further questions or comments, please click here to send a reply.  Please do not hit “reply” in your e-mail.

Best regards,

PepsiCo Consumer Relations
Reference # 064396098A


I have always stressed the importance of reading labels.  But we are all guilty of complacency at times, and I am no exception.

I have gone back to eating popcorn as a snack, as it is more diet friendly than pretzels or chips. With all of my dietary restrictions, flavored popcorn is usually out.  But plain popcorn can be bland, so I when I saw this popcorn, I thought, that sounds really good:


Even though it says rosemary and olive oil flavored, I didn’t think twice about buying it.  I put it into my shopping cart without reading the label, which turned out to be a big mistake.  I ate a pretty decent serving that night.  I am lucky that I didn’t get really sick. The only thing that saved me was that I took an IBgard earlier that day before a short road trip, as insurance.  Had I not taken it, I shudder to think of the consequences.


Yes, this popcorn had both butter AND milk.  Yikes!  Shouldn’t butter flavor be listed on the front of the package?  You’ll notice that olive oil is the last ingredient, which means that this popcorn contains very little olive oil.

Yes, it’s my own fault for not reading the label, but I think this is what you call misleading advertising.  Which brings me back to my original thought-label reading is really, really important.

So take that extra minute, and save yourself possible illness.  Make sure you read that label!

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