Damn you, UPS


No one hates having to mail order gluten-free foods as much as I do.  Ordering frozen gluten-free items is always a crapshoot, but it becomes even harder when dealing with incompetence.

I ordered my favorite Feel Good Foods gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls from Gluten Free Mall, as I have done before.  Only this time, UPS screwed up royally.

I have an electronic signature on file with UPS, along with email alerts of deliveries.  I do this because as I get older, I forget about deliveries and I can’t be checking outside my door every five minutes, as well as checking the internet for delivery updates.

Yesterday I checked on my delivery status and it said ” package delivered 5 pm on Wednesday.”  Ummm, that was yesterday.  Uh oh.  The delivery person never knocked on the door ( I was sitting within earshot) and I never received an email alert about a scheduled delivery or a completed delivery.  I opened my door only to find the package that had sat there for about 12 hours, in 90 degree heat.

When I opened the package, the dry ice had melted, and unfortunately, my packages of dumplings were warm.  Not wanting to take the chance of getting food poisoning, I trashed the dumplings.  My heart, and pocketbook (to the tune of $36.00, were broken.

I called Gluten Free Mall and left a message about what had happened, excusing them of all fault.  I tried calling UPS in order to get some kind of compensation, to no avail.  The representative I spoke with did not have a good command of English, and it was an exercise in futility trying to get him to understand what had happened.  I nearly lost it when he said that the driver had no idea that the package was “perishable”.  Really?  Do the words “perishable” and “dry ice” in bright red letters preclude him from understanding that he should have knocked on the door so that I could retrieve the package contents before they melted?  Getting nowhere but aggravated, I gave up on UPS.  They refused to take responsibility.

I did receive a very nice phone call from Gluten Free Mall, who even though they were not at fault, issued me a partial store credit.  But I assure you, I won’t be using that credit for anything in a freezer pack.  Lesson learned.

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  1. Raylene says:

    Well, this is where only having a “Like” button fails us. This experience with a delivery company is worthy of an “Angry” or “Angsty” button, or at the very least a “Sad” button. … ugh; words just fail me. Feeling it with you!


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      I’m still angry about it. Thank you for the empathy!


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