Gluten free on the road

We’re coming to the end of our road trip and I can honestly say it’s been a challenge.  

Anything I don’t make with my own hands is questionable.   Thank goodness for my electric cooler and IBgard.  Road trips make me extremely anxious about getting glutened.  I try to plan ahead, but when you’re dining out, it’s really out of your hands.  

We started out this past Friday, all excited for the open road, with a cooler full of safe gluten and dairy free goodies.  I even made my famous pot roast ( five pounds worth), as requested by our grown kids, complete with gluten and dairy free gravy.   I had my Udis gluten free bread and my Natural Choice deli meat.  I was good to go.  

That night, we stopped in Natural Bridge, Virginia for dinner.  We stopped at a really cool retro diner called The Pink Cadillac.  It was not my first choice. Trying to find a safe place to eat is almost impossible.   There wasn’t one Applebees or TGI Friday’s within a 50 mile radius.  There was a Mexican joint, but when I tried to contact them about gluten free, no one answered.  The diner seemed the best choice.  Surely I could find something safe.  I ended up with a really good grilled chicken breast with cole slaw.  It was delish, and bonus- I didn’t get sick. 

We got into New Jersey, our old stomping grounds, Saturday afternoon.  We were taking our kids to our favorite restaurant, Charlie Browns.   Even though we live in cow country, for some reason we can’t get decent prime rib.   Dinner was great, and my luck held.  No gluten.  

Sunday was pot roast and gravy day.  For some reason we all wanted a sushi appetizer.  Plain tuna rolls are great, and since my home in Tennessee is not near the coast, raw fish can be questionable.  Now, I’m not sure what exactly got me, whether it was the sushi, which was put in the same container as some crunchy rolls, or the kombucha my son had home made, of which I tried way too much.  Whatever it was, I paid for it later that night.  IBgard to the rescue!   I did still feel a bit of tummy upset this morning, but felt better as the day went on.  

Tonight we went out for a really nice dinner with my mother in law at a Maryland standard, Kings Contrivance.  The chef really went out of her way to accommodate my food issues.  Fabulous duck dinner, and even sorbet for dessert!

We will be on our way home tomorrow with a slightly empty cooler, a pile of dirty clothes, and that feeling you get when you are in your own kitchen and you have complete control.  While I love seeing family, I love the lack of tummy upset more.  Sorry guys!

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