When the chef lies about food allergens



The other night, as a reward for successful weight loss, we treated ourselves to a dinner out.

I told the server that I could not eat gluten or dairy.  I didn’t say I had an allergy, but perhaps I will have to start doing that just to protect myself.

I ordered my usual; grilled shrimp appetizer, filet mignon, and sweet potato fries.  They usually do grill the shrimp in olive oil for me, as it is usually grilled in butter.  I have had this appetizer many times with no issues.

When the shrimp came out, it looked like they had been grilled in butter.  Actually, the waitress spotted it.  She took the plate back to the kitchen and was assured that there was no butter.  A few hours later, my tummy told me otherwise.

Not to be unpleasant, but when you have IBS as I do, if you eat too much fat, it doesn’t get digested.  Butter is especially troublesome as it contains dairy.  I could tell instantly that I had eaten it.

I think that the chef didn’t want to be bothered making the dish over.  Luckily I was not deathly allergic.  Why is it that kitchen staff doesn’t think that lying about a food ingredient can be fatal to someone?  I am sick of this pure laziness and ignorance of kitchen staff and wait staff.  The “bar maid” said “It’s seasoned with Italian dressing.  I don’t know if that has gluten or not”.   I knew that the shrimp didn’t.  Maybe the dressing did.  The menu shows the seasoning is lime.  Not sure where the Italian dressing comes in.  And why would she even comment?

My point is that it completely ruined me for the next two days.  I don’t think the fries got me (never had a problem).  Dairy is worse for me than gluten, for some reason.  Regardless of that,  I am truly disappointed, and won’t be ordering the shrimp again.  It sucks, but that’s what it comes to.  I can’t trust the staff to not get me sick.  I can only trust myself.



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