My gluten free weight loss journey, week 10 (Weight Watchers week 6)



I lost a pound and a half this week.  Woohoo!  I am definitely trending downwards.  I am still struggling with carbs, but I think I might have found a solution.

I wrote a post the other day about carb cycling.  The idea is to alternative high carb and low carb days and that it will boost your weight loss.  After you have a high carb day, your weight usually increases slightly.  Then it drops again.  This happened to me by accident a couple of weeks ago when I had a carb-loading day.

Even though I am losing weight, I would like to see if carb cycling makes a difference.  I might lose weight, then again, I might gain weight.

I also baked for the first time in weeks.   I made my go to chocolate cake recipe and it tasted fabulous.  Monday is my reward day, so it was fitting to make something I absolutely love.

This coming week will be a test of the carb-loading theory.  We will also be going out for lunch.  Not sure how I will count that….. So stay tuned!

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