My gluten free weight loss journey week 9 (Weight Watchers week 5)



I did not lose any weight this past week.  In fact, I have not lost weight the last two weeks. I find the words of encouragement I gave my husband the last two weeks now ringing in my ears.  It’s easy when it’s someone else, but not so easy when it’s you.

My hubby lost over seven pounds, and I am very happy for him.  But not losing anything for two weeks is a bit discouraging.  I am doing almost everything right-walking more, eating more veggies, but there is one thing I have no control over-carbs.  I have gone over my points almost every day this past week.  Only slightly on most days, but still over.  They do give you some wiggle room (seven points), but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage all the time.

Carbs have always been my downfall.  Too many cookies and too much bread this week have no doubt contributed to my lack of weight loss.  I wrote a post about Weight Watchers and eating bread back in February of 2016 (Oprah’s “I love bread” commercial) where I pretty much said that you can’t eat bread and lose weight.  I am still convinced that this has a ring of truth.  Yes, I have lost inches.  But the angel and the cookie demon on my shoulders are battling.

The other day I went crazy with carbs.  It’s ok to do that once in awhile, but I found myself almost crazy after having cut back for so long.  I have to find a strategy to keep an even keel where cookies and bread are concerned.  Once again, I planned on baking this week, and once again, I will have to forego it.

I could keep cookies out of the house I suppose.  I can’t eat them if they are not there.  But bread is another matter.  I don’t think I could do without that.

So here are my strategies for the coming week:

  • Cut down on the bread by eating half a sandwich instead of a whole one
  • keep the cookies in a place where I won’t see them all the time, and don’t buy any more for awhile
  • no baking until I’ve lost ten pounds
  • eat more fruit
  • eat the allotted amount (two) of cookies instead of eating five or six

No one said that this journey would be easy.  It’s a constant battle for health, and how much I want this.  Having support certainly helps.   I am hoping to report a weight loss next week.


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  1. Enviroart says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. For sure throw the cookies away and don’t buy them again. Treat yourself to a good bakery cookie once a week. It will taste better! Keep your bread in the freezer. It will give you time to think about it before eating it and also buy a light bread. There are a lot in the market. Good luck 😊


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Bakery cookies are unfortunately not an option (not gluten or dairy free) but I do keep my gf bread in the freezer. Thank you for your support!

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  2. Raylene says:

    Don’t feel too bad about your hubby losing weight while you are not; apparently, men are just wired differently enough from women that they will keep losing while we plateau. Your plateau may also be the result of your body having adjusted to the cut back in calories. There are some diets and nutritionists that say this can be overcome by having a “cheat day” every 7 days. This is not a day to pig out on anything and everything, but a day that you can eat more of the healthy stuff and enjoy a little bit of whatever you crave. Does Weight Watcher’s make provision for something like this?


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Yes they do give extra points every week. I’ve actually never heard of that but it might be worth a try. Although I did have a carb binge last week. I could probably have a cheat day in other ways. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks so much for your encouragement.


      1. Raylene says:

        Sure! The whole total denial thing sure seems like a perfect set up for an uncontrolled binge, so I certainly think it makes more sense to enjoy a little bit at a known interval to keep the cookie monster in all of us at bay! 😉 I can self-deny for a week at a time a whole lot better than for an undetermined amount of time.


      2. glutenfreelady says:

        I guess it’s all about trial and error. The program is working. I have lost a lot of inches. I’ll definitely be posting about the whole “cheat” idea. I read that doing it for one meal is better, but a day off sure would be nice!


      3. glutenfreelady says:

        Hi Raylene
        I just finished writing a post on this, and I am happy to say that you were right. I lost three pounds-must have been the carb binge last week. Thanks for pointing this out.


      4. Raylene says:

        That’s awesome! Congrats! I’ll make sure to read your post.


      5. glutenfreelady says:



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