What’s up with that, Papa John’s?

Not if you’re gluten free, apparently


I recently read an article which stated that Papa John’s was finally climbing aboard the gluten free bandwagon and was going to offer a gluten free version of its pizza.  But this announcement came with a caveat that is causing quite a backlash.

According to the article which is published on Fortune.com:

Although the new pizza crust is made with sorghum, teff, amaranth and quinoa, and is also produced in a separate facility than the rest of its pizzas, CNBC reports, Papa John’s warned that those with celiac disease or a serious gluten intolerance shouldn’t purchase the gluten-free crust. The company said “it is possible that a pizza with Papa John’s Ancient Grains Gluten-Free Crust is exposed to gluten during the ordinary preparation process,” in a statement to CNBC. The statement advised customers “use your best judgment” when ordering the new menu item.

But according to Nikki Ostrower, owner of NAO Nutrition, Papa John’s attempt to”get in on the craze” appears to be “inauthentic.”

“Anytime a company advertises that a product is gluten-free then anyone who has celiac or gluten intolerance should be able to enjoy it,” she told CNBC. “It sounds like Papa Johns is trying to get in on the gluten-free craze in an inauthentic way.”

So it seems that Papa Johns is like a myriad of other companies that are climbing on this lucrative bandwagon without an actual thought about the health and well-being of its customers.   This is a common trend these days, and one who’s time should be coming to an end.

What is the point of offering a gluten free option if your disclaimer tells those who would benefit from it not to order it for fear of becoming sick?  Where is the logic in that?  So they are basically going to the time, trouble and expense of creating a gluten free crust, only to have it contaminated in their individual pizza stores.  Would it really be so hard to train their staff to handle this crust so that it does not become cross-contaminated? Apparently so.

I am truly disappointed in this.  Papa John’s was my favorite pizza before I went gluten free.  I was hoping that I could eat it again but it seems, my dream is thwarted by corporate greed.

There have been numerous posts on Facebook about this, some of them ignorant.  One such poster stated:

Some people just have a gluten sensitivity where eating gluten gives them a stomach ache but no major health issues. This pizza would be helpful for them.

OMG really?  My reply:

It’s not helpful to be sick. I’m one of those people with gluten intolerance. It is a major health issue.

She obviously does not have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, and should not even be commenting on this subject.  Please keep your ignorance to yourself.  But then again, this is Facebook, so I should not be surprised.

I guess that my dream of a really decent gluten free pizza will remain just that.


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