My gluten free weight loss journey, week 7 (Weight Watchers week 3)



I am a few days late with this post due to being really busy this past week setting up my new recipe blog.  It’s been really time consuming, but I think it will be worth it when all my recipes are transferred over to the new site.

I am excited to report that I have lost a total of four pounds (I did have a setback in the first couple of weeks before I joined Weight Watchers) but more importantly, my body is finally showing results.

I have lost a total of 2 inches in the bust, an inch in the waist, a half inch in the hips and four inches off my thighs. Unfortunately, I inherited what we call in my family the “Butterfass thighs” so named after my Mother’s family.  It looks ok on the males, but not so much on the females.  Even when I was thin, I never really had thin thighs.  But I will take whatever I can get at this point.

This past week I have gotten adept at the Points system.  I am now making better choices based on points values of certain foods.  I am plugging recipes into the recipe creator and either finding ways to lower points values, or deciding that it just isn’t worth the points it will cost me to eat some of those recipes, such as chocolate cake and sausage stuffing.  I find I can do without it for now.   I am setting a ten-pound weight loss goal for myself before I consider eating those things.  Even a fruit crisp has 8 points.  Not worth it.  I am just, therefore, going to eat the fruit.

My husband joined me this past Monday, and is doing very well so far.  He does get a lot more points, but that’s because men need more calories than women.  That’s fine with me.  I am rocking my points!

I also found out this past week that if I make it relatively weak, I can drink coffee again! I had to give it up because of my IBS quite a few years ago.  I can only make half caf, but I am ok with that.  I put a little coconut milk and a little sugar in it, and I am tolerating it fine.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I can get that little boost that tea just doesn’t offer.

This week my focus is to continue to make better choices, and find ways to swap in foods that cost fewer points, especially where carbs are concerned.  I found out that a 6-inch corn tortilla is only two points, where two slices of Udi’s bread is four.  So if I make a wrap instead of a sandwich, I will save two points.  That might not seem like a lot, but it does add up quickly.   I am also going to cut out baked goods for awhile, as I stated above. Although I still indulge in Enjoy Life cookies.  Some things just can’t be done without.

I am also going to try to not cut into my weekly points.  I think that if you do that, you slow down your progress.  Not that it’s not ok to do so, but I am going to try to challenge myself not to.  Those points are a safety net.   Thirty points in a day are doable if I make the right choices, and that is what Weight Watchers is all about.  I can still eat my cookies but have to budget for them.

I also ordered a scale I can actually read.  I have problems reading those little lines between the pound increments.  It sucks getting older, what can I say.

Until next week…..






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  1. Raylene says:

    “It’s not worth it” and “I’m learning I can live without it for now” are good phrases of self discipline we all can stand to incorporate more into our daily thinking.


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      You are so right Raylene.


  2. Congratulations on your progress. Have been following since week 1 . Amazing the load some carbs bear. I had to stop my coffee due to ibs. Is is better now due to diet changes so can drink coffee now.


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Thanks so much! I was really surprised about the coffee as well. As long as I don’t overdo it I seem to be fine. It’s really hard for me to cut carbs but I truly believe it’s the only way to lose weight.

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