Review of This is Vegan Foods Gluten free Pizza


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Picture courtesy of Brian LaPorte



I was really excited when I learned that my friend Brian over at This is Vegan Foods started making pizzas with his artisan dairy free cheeses.  I was even more excited to learn that he was offering a gluten free version.

I did a review on his artisan cheeses a few months back, which you can read here.  His dairy free cheeses are awesome.  I could just imagine how they would be on a pizza!

Brian sent me the pizza, topped with vegan garlic mozzarella and tomato sauce on a gluten free crust via Fedex.   Once it arrived, I immediately put the pizza into the freezer for another nights dinner.

I made the pizza last night.  The cooking instructions are pretty standard-450 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  Before I tell you my impressions, let me say a word about gluten free pizza crust.

I have had my battles with gluten free pizza crust:

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Like gluten free biscuits (another nemesis) gluten free pizza crust is hard to nail.  That being said, I will go on with my review.

The pizza baked up nicely in 18 minutes.  I gave it a little extra time to melt the cheese since it was pretty frozen when I started.   I did have a bit of a problem cutting the crust.  I had to use a knife as the edges got hard.  The middle of the crust was a bit soggy.  But again, this is typical of gluten free pizza crust.   Since Brian outsources his gluten free crust, I don’t hold this against him.

As for the sauce and cheese-wow!  Amazingly tasty and pizza like!  The sauce is rich and full of oregano, basil and tomato flavor.  The garlic mozzarella is a perfect choice.  Melty and garlicky, and oh so satisfying.

I wish that I could just walk into a shop and order one of these on a regular basis.  If you do want to order one of his pizzas, you can do so here:

I would highly recommend that you do!

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