My gluten free weight loss journey week 6 (Weight Watchers week 2)



This past week was a challenge for me.  I finally got the hang of the Weight Watchers plan and managed to lose a total of three pounds.  I have lost half an inch off my bust, waist and hips.  My thighs are shrinking.  I am a happy girl!

The real challenge of Weight Watchers is using your points to your best advantage.  As I stated last week, I went way over my daily and weekly points in the past two days.  I finally realized how to bank those points not only daily, but weekly.  I have my weekly points back starting today, which is what’s great about the program.

The built in app food scanner came in really handing in the grocery store.  I scanned foods I wanted to buy before I bought them, and was able to compare points values of several types of foods so I could make informed decisions.

My whole perspective changed from “that has four points-oh no! to that has four points-that’s not bad at all!”  Now that I know how to spread those points out, and check on my meals before I eat them, my outlook has completely changed.

I am getting confident enough to bake again.  I am able to use the recipe builder to see how many points baked goods have, and make some changes to ingredients to reduce points values (like swapping oil for applesauce and reducing the number of chocolate chips).  The same goes for any recipe.  I do not have to stop making my favorite recipes. Although there are some dessert recipes that have upwards of eight points per serving, so I might save those for a special occasion.  But I can bake my favorite chocolate cake. That makes me really happy!

Would I recommend Weight Watchers?  Yes.  If you track your daily intake and are mindful of what you are eating, it works.  You don’t have to give up your favorite foods; you just have to account for them.

See you next week for another update!

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