How does it stack up? Comparing Weight Watcher’s points for gluten free foods



If you are gluten free, you know how difficult it is to lose weight.  Gluten free foods tend to be more caloric than their gluten filled counterparts.  But on Weight Watchers, points are based calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein content.  It’s much easier than calorie counting.   Even though I was really restricted this past week due to being housebound, I managed to lose two pounds.

So how do gluten free foods stack up against foods containing gluten on the Weight Watchers plan?  Here are some common gluten free foods and their gluten filled counterparts and their points values.  Some of them might surprise you.


I love pasta and I can still eat it on Weight Watchers. Both Ronzoni Gluten free Rotini and Ronzoni regular rotini have the same 6 point value for 3/4 cup of pasta.  Here are two handy guides for measuring pasta.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.35.42 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.35.33 PM.png

Salad croutons

Croutons are great when you are eating a lot of salad, and add crunch and flavor. Regular salad croutons have a value of four points for seven croutons.  Ian’s gluten free croutons have one point for 1/4 cup of croutons.


I can’t do without bread, but I don’t eat it at every meal.  Two slices of Udi’s gluten free whole grain bread has five points for two slices.  An Udi’s hamburger roll has has six points.  I just try to eat one slice or half a bun.  Two slices of Wonder Bread has five points.  So it’s pretty comparable.


Two Enjoy life double chocolate brownie cookies have five points.  Two Oreos have the same five points.

If you want to bake your own gluten free goodies, you can use their recipe builder.  You can also use it to swap out wheat based foods for gluten free substitutes.  All the points values are based on how many portions the recipe is divided into.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.50.55 PM.png


Here is my recipe for gluten free zucchini brownies after I tweaked a few ingredients.  You can find my original recipe here.  I thought it was pretty healthy, but all that sugar and fat really increases the point value.  I swapped out apple sauce for the fat and cut back the amount of chocolate chips.  The points value for one serving is 4 points

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.50.30 PM.png

Weight Watchers has some handy tools and I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  It’s all about choices, which is great.

Do you have any questions about Weight Watchers and how to work the program while being gluten free?  I’d be happy to answer them.

Stay tuned for more on the weight loss saga.



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  1. Raylene says:

    Again, more great info! Not only will people who are wondering if they could do Weight Watchers while staying gluten free find these posts helpful, but I think those who are not interested in Weight Watchers will still find them helpful as well. Thanks for sharing and congrats on shedding those pounds!


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my posts? Do you have any recipes you would like to share?


      1. Raylene says:

        I’ll see if I can find some worthy to share. 🙂


      2. glutenfreelady says:



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