My gluten free weight loss journey, week 3



This week, my weight held steady.  I am happy that I did not gain, but I need to start focusing on portion sizes by weighing and measuring each portion.

If you want to lose weight, especially on Weight Watchers™, you have to weigh and measure everything you consume.

I am also going to get a digital scale.  I am having a difficult time reading the numbers on my regular scale, not to mention that if you move in the slightest, the numbers fluctuate. Not very accurate.

Until I can join WW™ (after my trip next weekend) there are things I can do to at least not gain weight, and possibly lose some.  Since I am bringing my own food, it will be relatively easy to not overdo it.

My husband and I plan to join WW™ at the same time.  Having someone to help support you makes it much easier to stick to your goals.

In the meantime, there is a way to calculate your points allowance here.

You can find points for most foods here and here.  This will work until I actually start using the Beyond the Scale™ program.   It will also get me into the swing of things ahead of time.

If you know the nutritional breakdown of the recipe, you can calculate the points on the same page as the points allowance calculator.

I am not thrilled that WW™ bases their weight goals on BMI calculations.  I have written about BMI before, and how it is not a really accurate measurement of overall health.  My so-called “healthy weight” is 128 to 160 for my height of 5’7″.  That to me is way too thin, and it only considers height as a basis for the calculation.  My goal weight is 170-175. Once I join, I will see if I can change my goal to that weight.

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Weigh and measure everything
  • Concentrate on portion sizes
  • Track my measurements
  • Start tracking points (there are ways to do this without joining WW)
  • Focus on healthy eating
  • Focus on how I feel

It’s a new week, and a new opportunity for a healthy lifestyle.



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