Review of This is Vegan foods artisan cheeses

vegan cheese.jpg
Picture courtesy of Brian LaPorte

This is Vegan Foods was kind enough to send me 14 samples of their vegan, soy cheese. This will in no way bias my review. 

One of the things that anyone who is dairy free misses most is cheese.  It is really difficult to find good, artisan cheeses that don’t contain dairy, gluten or nuts.  Through a connection on Instagram, I discovered This is Vegan Foods cheeses.

I sent an email to Brian LaPorte, the maker of these fine cheeses, and asked if he would send me samples to review.  He very generously sent me samples of all the varieties he makes, and also sent me extra mozzarella, so that I could make a pizza.

My overall impression of these cheeses is that they are very good.  The texture on most is spot on, as is the flavor, with very few exceptions.  Brian only uses gluten, dairy and nut free ingredients, including miso and soy sauce.  This really pleasantly surprised me.

His cheeses do contain soy, coconut, and other potential allergens.  The cheeses are made on a dedicated gluten, nut and vegan equipment, but are made in a facility that uses wheat, nuts, and dairy.  So if you have allergies, be duly informed. 

Here is the ingredients list:

This Is Vegan Info Sheet General

My husband, who is a true cheese lover, really liked most of these.  That says a lot.

This Is Vegan Bruschetta.jpg
Picture courtesy of Brian LaPorte

Here is my review of each cheese:


My husband tried this, as I do not like bleu cheese.  He said it really tasted like the real thing.


This was spot on-delicious when warmed


The tomato and basil really shine through in this cheese

Dill Havarti:

I didn’t taste the dill in this cheese, but otherwise, it was good.

French Onion:

Really good onion flavor here.


This is a mild cheese and would be good in a salad

Garlic Mozzarella:

Subtle garlic flavor

Herbed Feta:

This crumbled like the real thing.  Good flavor; would be good in a salad


I used this on my recent failed pizza;  it melted and tasted like the real thing.

vegan mozzarella.jpg
Picture courtesy of Brian LaPorte

NY Everything:

Reminded me of an everything bagel.  Very flavorful.  One of my favorites.

Pepper Jack:

Very peppery.  Sort of overwhelms the cheese flavor, but still good


This was ok-muted flavors here.


I really liked this.  Slightly spicy kick, nice flavors.

Yellow American:

Very mild cheese. Would be good for grilled cheese.

I have to say that I am impressed with Brian’s efforts to make decent cheese for those of us who can’t eat dairy, gluten or nuts.   I am not a big fan of soy cheese, but these, for the most part, don’t taste like soy cheese.  They melt like real cheese (the ones that are supposed to, like mozzarella and brie.)

You can contact Brian here:

39 Hampton Place,
Walkersville, Maryland


If you are looking for really good vegan cheese, look no further!  I’m sure Brian can hook you up!






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