The sugar demon is losing



A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about wrestling with my sugar demon.   I am a sure-fire sugar and carb addict.  But I started to realize that eating all of this sugar is not doing my health any good.  Especially since diabetes runs in my family.  Not to mention that I am starting to look like my mother.  Enough said.

At first, I calculated the sugar grams I was eating so that I could really understand just how much sugar I was consuming.  But I soon realized, I don’t want to be fanatical about it.  There are easy ways to cut sugar.   I am talking mostly here about table sugar.

The first thing I did was to empty my sugar bowl.  I stopped putting sugar in my tea.  At three cups a day, it adds up.  Drinking tea makes it easier.  I can’t imagine drinking coffee without sugar ( I know some of you do).  I had to give up coffee a couple of years ago because it and my IBS were at war.  That was one of the first things to go.

The next biggest hurdle was my weekly dessert baking.  I got back into that habit about six months ago.  I admit I use sweets as a coping mechanism.  Let’s face it, sweets are the ultimate comfort food.  But it’s not comforting to my waistline!

I have started looking for recipes that not only have less table sugar, but fewer carbs as well.  Carbs turn into sugar once consumed.  Baked goods made with rice flour based mixes and flours are not good for you at all.   So how could I cut that back as well?  The flourless chickpea blondies I made a few days back were a good start.   Even though they turned an unappetizing shade of green (due to the chlorophyll in sunflower seed butter) they are still pretty darned delicious.

So I have begun looking for flourless dessert recipes, that are also low in refined sugar.  I have found real maple syrup to be a good substitute.  Yes, it’s still sugar, but real maple syrup (not the HFCS kind you find in the supermarket) does contain some nutrients.

I have also been trying to eat more fruit, which contains fiber and natural sugar.  But I will never give up chocolate!  Especially chocolate syrup over ripe bananas.  Yum!

I have noticed less joint pain and that my body is beginning to reshape itself.  As I said earlier, I am not going to be fanatical about it.  But I am making a conscious effort to clean up my diet.

So it seems I am winning the battle against that sugar demon.  I hope to keep up the good fight!


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  1. Good on you. Seems like your on the road to sugarless diet. 🙂


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