Review of Namaste Foods gluten free Pizza Crust mix


I received a free sample from Namaste Foods in exchange for this review.  This in no way will affect my honest opinion of their product.

If you have followed or read my blog for any length of time, you are familiar with my epic struggle to find a decent gluten-free pizza crust.   The closest I have come to finding it is with Gluten Free Jules pizza crust mix.  But in the interest of trying and finding new products, I wanted to try Namaste’s version of pizza crust mix.  I am sad to say,  I am really disappointed in the outcome.

Before I continue with the review, I want to say that I made only half a recipe, and I made it in an 8×8 round cake pan.  This method does not follow the instructions on the box, however, I emailed my contact at Namaste, and she informed me that it was possible to halve the recipe, as a 14-inch pizza is way too much for me.  Yes, you read that right-the pizza must be at least 14 inches and no more than 1/4 inch thick.

The instructions for making the full size crust are:

namaste pizza crust instructions.jpg

Since I wanted to make a half recipe, this is what I did:

3/4 cup mix
1/2 teaspoon oil
1/2 cup water

I heated the oven to 450 degrees.  I followed the instructions for mixing the dough.  It looked like the right consistency.  I scraped the dough into the greased 8×8 pan.  I only baked it for 10 minutes.  When I took the crust out of the oven, it was firm.

I then added my homemade sauce, and mozzarella (I received the mozzarella in a sample of soy-based cheeses, which I will review in a separate post).  I put the pizza under the broiler, which might have been a mistake.  Dairy free cheese does not melt like regular cheese, and the broiler is a great way of melting it fast.  Maybe the crust needed more time.  But, it was completely soggy when I pulled it out of the oven.  It was very rubbery.  Not appetizing at all.   You can sort of see that in the picture.


I can honestly say that I would still recommend you try this mix.  Why?  Because I did not follow the instructions as written, so I can’t really fault the mix.  Would it have turned out differently if I had followed the instructions?  To be fair, I really can’t say.  The biggest problem that I have with the mix is that it contains no yeast.  I don’t see how the crust can even come close to the taste and texture of a real pizza crust, if it doesn’t.

Having said all of that,  I will not be making any more pizza with this mix.  However, I encourage all of you to try it for yourselves.  I can only say that I recommend you form your own opinion.

You can find and order the mix, and other Namaste products here.   I recently reviewed their bread mix, and it was really good.

You can contact Namaste directly here.

Please share your results in the comments if you do decide to try it.


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