Food for thought-can cannabis help with celiac disease?

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This post is purely informational.  It is not meant to condone illegal cannabis use.

Cannabis has become a much debated and hot topic lately.  Regardless of your stance on whether cannabis should be legalized or not, it is a proven fact that there are definite health benefits.  One of those benefits is the easing of the symptoms of celiac disease.

To quote from this article on

A study published in the PLOS One journal in 2013 suggests that cannabis could play a key role in taming the ravages of celiac. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Teramo in Italy, took intestinal biopsies from celiac patients and looked at the cannabinoid receptors in the gut, which play a role in controlling inflammation and dysfunction. The results showed significantly more receptors in people with an active disease than those who had been treating it with at least 12 months of a gluten-free diet, leading the scientists to suggest that the data “points to the therapeutic potential of targeting [cannabinoid receptors] in patients with celiac disease.”

In conjunction with a gluten-free diet, which is mandatory for those with celiac disease, cannabis can “calm the angry gut”.

“Marijuana ‘cools the gut,’ in which it slows down the muscle contractions that move food through the stomach and intestines and reduces the secretion of liquid into the intestines associated with diarrhea (one of the most severe symptoms of the disease),” Deno writes. “Marijuana also controls the muscle spasms associated with diarrhea. It also increases appetite and can offset the inefficiency in the Celiac’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat.”

The issue would be obtaining the cannabis legally, as there are still some states that don’t have medical cannabis laws in place.  In some states, celiac disease is not a condition for which medical cannabis is available.

As always, in the case where medical cannabis is an option, it behooves the person with celiac disease to explore all options and keep an open mind.  It might just benefit you in the end.

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