Sorry for the theme confusion!

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling Problem


You might have noticed that I have been changing my theme quite a bit the last week or so.  I wanted to explain why and apologize for any confusion.

This all started with a notion to move my blog to the self-hosted site.  This is the second time I chickened out before the move was completed. Not only would it entail more work and more self-maintenance, it would cost a whole lot more.  I made the mistake of misreading an error message I received that my theme couldn’t be moved and I had to change it.  Unfortunately, I am unable to get my theme back to the way it was before I blundered, thus the theme confusion.

My apologies if my craziness is catching; I just can’t seem to settle on a theme at the moment.  The aborted move, along with a free email course on branding has led me down the path of self-doubt.  I suppose I should let the numbers speak for themselves.

In the future, if I want to move my blog, I will slap my own hand.  I will also try to leave well enough alone for a while by sticking to the current theme.

Thank you all for your loyalty and for sticking around through my growing pains!



6 thoughts on “Sorry for the theme confusion!

  1. My first thought (to comment) was as above … NO WORRIES *** but I see I’ve been beaten to the punch. haha

    Aside from that, I have also struggled with wanting to “make the leap”, and like you, I don’t want to come off with more $$$ right now.


  2. I found is more suitable and easier to manage than (self-hosted). I understand your point regarding themes. After trying many, I figured out that the official themes are the best. You may still able to customize them with your own CSS – cost more of course. Good luck in your choice.


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