Review of Home Free Allergen friendly cookies




As a blogger whose focus is on gluten, dairy and nut free products and recipes, I know better than anyone how hard it is to find allergen friendly treats.

Although food allergen awareness is becoming more mainstream, the focus is still on gluten free.  Those of us with other allergens or intolerances are often left out in the cold.  When I find something that almost everyone can enjoy, I do a little happy dance.  My only pet peeve is that we often have to mail order these treats, flours, mixes, etc. which is a royal pain in the butt.  I wish that major chain supermarkets would carry more of these allergen free items.  I can’t believe that they wouldn’t sell out.

I came across an advertisement for Home Free cookies in Gluten free living magazine.  I contacted the company to see if it was possible to receive samples so that I could review the cookies and share that review with all of you.  I received a very nice reply explaining that they are a small company, and if I was willing to pay a small shipping and handling fee, they would be happy to send me a sample pack of 2 each of their lemon, chocolate chip, vanilla, chocolate mint and double chocolate chip mini cookies.  I happily agreed.

Per their website:


All of their cookies, except the double chocolate chip, are made with sunflower lecithin. The double chocolate chip contains soy lecithin.  They share equipment, so if you have a soy allergy, you will not be able to eat these cookies.  I am not sure why they use soy lecithin in only one cookie.  It precludes a lot of people from eating any of them.

Here is my review of each flavor:


These have a bright, but subtle lemon flavor.  They are just sweet enough to offset the lemon flavor.  I did not “pucker” up as the label said.  I do when I eat Pamela’s Lemon cookies, not these.

Chocolate mint

These remind me of Thin mint Girlscout cookies.  Nice mint flavor without being overpowering.


Subtle and sweet vanilla flavor

Chocolate chip

Standard chocolate chip cookie.  Nothing special here.

Double chocolate chip

Good chocolate flavor; again standard chocolate chip cookie.

All of these cookies were good, especially dunked in hot tea (coffee or dairy-free milk would work here too).  They are crunchy without being hard.  Are they the best cookies I have ever eaten?  No.  But, I am keeping half of the unopen packs to take on a road trip.   Would I order them again?  Maybe.

Judge for yourself.  Go ahead and order the mini packs so that you can decide if you like them enough to get a big box.  And please share your reviews!



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