Knowledge is Power-how to reach a wider audience



I have been writing this blog for almost 2 years now. When I first started out I was really excited to share my tips, recipes and ideas with my fellow WordPress bloggers. As time has gone on, I began to realize that my readership was confined to just WordPress bloggers.  This was not the vision that I started out with.

I wanted to get my message across to those fellow gluten-free and dairy free sufferers who might be outside the WordPress circle. But how could I do this?

My son recommended that I run an AdWords campaign. At first, I balked at this; I could not see my way to paying for an increase in readership. Even though the cost is minimal, it almost seemed like it would be cheating.

I had run an AdWords campaign before when I ran my genealogy business. But that was a different story. In order to reach a wider audience, sometimes you have to think outside the box. In running an ad which is based on similar subjects and keywords, it is possible to reach people with gluten and dairy intolerance and celiac disease in all corners of the world.

Dietary issues and allergies are not restricted to your own corner of the world. It is a worldwide issue. I had no idea until I ran this campaign just how widespread it really is. Countries that I had no idea even existed appear on my insights page daily. It truly gives me Great pleasure and satisfaction to know that my gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, articles, tips, and insights are being read around the world.

You might think that it’s all about numbers, but it really isn’t.  Although I have to admit they have increased by leaps and bounds. This is not like acquiring hundreds of Facebook friends just for the sake of acquiring them. This is about truly helping others deal with their everyday food issues. I would like to show you an example of how my readership has grown over the last few months using this AdWords campaign:


I began the campaign in October 2016. You can see the difference between the preceding months and the month of October, November, December and January.  I reached over 2,000 views in December and January.  My average before that was 400.

By increasing my views and visits, I am increasing knowledge.  They say knowledge is power!






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Raylene says:

    I’m no where near ready to act on this helpful information, but I’m keeping it in my Likes section for easy access whenever I do feel ready for it! Thanks for sharing!


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Hi Raylene
      You will be ready before you know it! I can’t believe I have been writing my blog for almost two years. It’s been an incredible learning experience.


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