Review of Rodizio Grill, Nashville



This year for my birthday/anniversary, we thought we would try something a little bit different for our celebration dinner.

Rodizio grill is a Brazilian steakhouse.  This is not your ordinary steakhouse, but a true dining experience.  They have restaurants all over the United States.

Meats are spit roasted, and served by “gauchos” at tableside.  You have a red and green little doohicky on your table, and you flip it green when you want more meat, and red when you want to stop.  You can flip it as much as you like through the course of the evening.  They also have an extensive hot and cold salad and sides bar.  The cost for the salad bar and meats was $36.99 per person.  The price for just the sides bar is $19.99.  With drinks the bill came to over $100.00 for the two of us.

We went on a Monday night, which might have not have been the best night to go.  It was not crowded at all, which might have affected the outcome of our dinner.

I had requested a copy of their gluten and dairy allergen lists about a week before we were to go.  I received both by email from the Assistant General Manager.



Having these lists ahead of time, I was able to plan what was safe and what wasn’t for me to eat.  There were a couple of meats that were basted with butter, and some that had gluten.   I double checked the list with what was listed on their menu.   There were a few things that were overlooked, but I was able to catch them.   But someone who does not do their due diligence might not have.

There are a few things I think could be improved on:

  • Salad bar option is offered by itself, but the meat part of the meal is not.  If you fill up on the salad bar, there is no room for the meats, which is where you will get your money’s worth
  • Salad bar gluten free options are marked, so are menu options.  Dairy free is not.
  • “Gaucho” servers have no idea what has gluten or dairy in it
  • We had three different servers during our meal due to it being a “slow night”.  The second and third servers had no idea what my dietary restrictions were
  • A manager was supposed to come to our table but he never materialized
  • We were never given all of our sides
  • Not a good variety of meats-mostly beef
  • we had to ask for certain items
  • some of the meats were really salty

But there were good things as well:

  • Our initial server was really attentive
  • what meats we did try were really good
  • a fish dish was made especially for me to be dairy free
  • servers were very polite and accommodating
  • we ate our fill of meats

I was happy that they wanted to make the fish especially for me, but it was toward the end of our dinner, and I was quite full by this point.  I only took one small piece and I fear the rest was discarded.   I didn’t want to say no since they went ahead and prepared it without really asking me after I asked if the fish was dairy free.  I felt obligated to try it.

The staff was friendly and attentive.  But since it was a slow night, we were a bit disappointed with the selection of meats.

Most of the salad bar items are off limits if you can ‘t eat dairy.  They should be marked.

This would be a nice place to go if you have friends visiting from out of town.  It was overall a nice and different experience, and I would recommend it.  And yes, I would return.



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