When is a gluten free Chinese Dumpling worth Fifty-four dollars?

When it’s delivered straight to your doorstep.  When it’s absolutely delicious.  When it conjures up those wonderful aromas and memories of Chinese takeout.

Before I moved here to Tennesse, I was able to buy Feel Good Foods Chinese dumplings and egg rolls.  These dumplings and egg rolls are really delicious and easy to make.  But alas, I cannot find them here without going at least 30 miles out of my way.  Sigh…


Picture courtesy of Feel Good Foods
Picture courtesy of Feel Good Foods



At least until now.  I recently found out that they now ship these wonderful pillows of goodness direct.  When I moved here, I contacted the company and was sadly told that shipping was not an option because they couldn’t be kept frozen.  Enter dry ice.

There is a six box minimum to ship.  I was not aware of this when I ordered three boxes, so I was contacted by email awith apologies for website growing pains, and was asked if I wanted to double the order.  At first, I was a bit irritated that I had to pay so much for dumplings and egg rolls.  Then I remembered how good they are, and I immediately upped my order.

My order was shipped overnight via Fedex.  It arrived this morning.  I was careful not to touch the dry ice (I put gloves on just in case).  A nice note was included again apologizing for the confusion on ordering and thanking me for my purchase.  A nice touch!

You know what I had for lunch today!  I figure these will last me for several months.  And worth every penny.

You can buy these in stores, but they are becoming increasingly hard to find.

If you are craving Chinese takeout, look no further.


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