Using a scale in gluten free baking

I have been saying for awhile now that I was going to start using a scale for my gluten-free baking as it is far more accurate than using measuring cups.

I finally bought a kitchen scale that has a tare setting.  This setting allows you to zero out the weight of the container you are using for putting your dry ingredients in.  In other words, you put your container on the scale, then weigh it, then hit the tare button.  It is reset to zero.  Then you add your ingredients and have an accurate weight without having to subtract the weight of the container.

I used my favorite King Arthur cake pan cake recipe as a test.  I have made this recipe many times using volume measures with good results:



Here is the same recipe in ounces:


Here is the result:


Not being familiar with using a scale, I had a few issues.

  • Each time I zeroed out the scale and removed the container, the result was a negative number.  This meant I had to keep turning the scale off to reset it
  • The volume of flour was less than the sugar.  This seemed off to me, but I followed the recipe.  This could be due to the density of the ingredient.
  • I could not get an exact measurement: it was either slightly less or slightly more.  I went with the slightly less in all cases
  • I switched over to volume when I got to the liquid measurement.

All of these factors might have affected the outcome of the recipe.  Will I be able to replicate it?  I don’t know for sure.

The cake turned out more like a brownie.  But, I have to say, it is really super moist.  I think I prefer it this way.  I would probably use a smaller pan if I make this again using the scale.

Using a scale will take some adjustment,  but it’s an interesting experiment.

Have any of you used a scale in baking?  Please share your experience!


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  1. I grew up on scales, but I have had to use cups when the recipes only stated the measurement in cups. What I then did was take a measure of the ingredient in the cup, deduct the weight of the cup and saved it for later reference. I much prefer using a scale, but it never hurts to know how to use cuts either, or vise versa in your case. I will always loathe scrapping peanut butter or treacle from a cup!


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Thanks for your input.
      Try spraying the cup with cooking spray for measuring sticky ingredients.

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