Finding an allergen free coffee substitute and a review of Teeccino


picture courtesy of teeccino


I had to give up coffee several years ago due to my IBS.  Before I knew of my gluten issues, I tried coffee substitutes that contained wheat and barley, as well as chicory.  I also tried an additive which contained chicory.  I have since found out that I can’t tolerate chicory. Some of these “coffees” are made from nuts (such as chestnuts), so this is out for me also, due to allergies. This didn’t leave much of a choice.

Recently, I began looking again for a coffee substitute.  But trying to find a gluten, dairy, chicory and nut free one was almost impossible.  Most are made from or with wheat or barley.  When I did a search, I kept coming up with one result; Teeccino.

After reading up on their available options, I discovered that they offer gluten free roasted dandelion blends in tea bags.  The only drawback is that they contain chicory.  However, since the bags don’t allow grounds to be in the cup, I thought maybe I could tolerate it.

Out of all the flavors offered, I thought I would try the dandelion dark roast.  At $5.99 plus shipping, it came to a total of $13.84.  Not exactly cheap.  But then again, what is when it comes to gluten free anything?

I have tried a couple of cups of it.   Here is what I think:

  • It doesn’t taste exactly like coffee.  But it does have a nice roasted flavor
  • It has no caffeine so no jolt-but that is not why I am drinking it
  • It has a slight “vegetable” taste, probably due to the dandelion
  • It’s pretty good with dairy free milk and sugar

It’s not coffee.  There is really no substitute for the real thing.  But it’s close.  And it’s gluten free.  So far, it seems ok for my tummy.  But the cost is really prohibitive.  They do have larger sizes available, both in tea bags and ground.   This would be more cost effective.

I am waiting to see if I can really tolerate it before I buy a larger size.  When I tried the powdered additive, it took awhile for it to upset my tummy.   I realized that it was probably the chicory that did it.  As this contains chicory, it might have a cumulative effect.  We will wait and see.

Meanwhile, I will be crossing my fingers.

If anyone can suggest a gluten, dairy and nut free coffee substitute, please share!

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