A new year; A new beginning



Well, dear readers, in a few short days, we will begin at the beginning.  January 1st looms large, and brings with it those good intended, largely abandoned resolutions.

This year began with a low note; my husband’s diagnosis of heart disease, and ended on a high note; our lifelong dream trip to Hawaii.  Fate is random like that.

The biggest resolution from year to year is the one of weight loss and eating healthier. Neither is easy to uphold for long.  Not to say that it can’t be done; it can.  But if you are constantly gaining and losing weight, it could be very bad for your health.

Through my many attempts to “diet”, I found that I gained it all back, plus, each time I failed.  And that can put stress on your heart.  It can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol and gallbladder disease. Not to mention depression. Better to stay at a steady weight.

After my hubby was diagnosed with heart disease,  we were obsessed with “eating healthy”. This is aside from my gluten and dairy free diet, which is not so healthy.  We were worried that our diet had played a major role in my husband’s heart disease.  After much research, I have come to the conclusion that diet played very little part in it. Smoking, on the other hand, played a much bigger role.

The recent deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher bring home the fact that heart disease is often overlooked and ignored, especially in women.  In both their cases, drugs, smoking and alcohol played a major role in their deaths.  Not diet.

Some people are predisposed to making a lot of cholesterol in their body.  Diet has very little to do with it.  My husband is one of those people.  All of the studies and information up until very recently have been wrong about dietary fat in the role of cholesterol.   We have slowly added back some of the “taboo” foods that we thought had caused his heart problem.  And we’re ok with that.

If I have learned anything from this difficult journey, it is that you only go around this big world once.  We only have one life to live, so make it count.  Those little indulgences you love are okay in moderation.  The key is to get a yearly checkup with your doctor, especially if you are over 50.  If something doesn’t feel right, get it checked out!  Don’t ignore symptoms.

I am at peace with our eating habits.  Life should be lived.

Happy New Year to all.


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