Battle of the chocolate cakes-King Arthur vs. Mina’s


picture courtesy of King Arthur



I do love chocolate cake. Who doesn’t?  Once I went gluten free I was afraid I would have to give it up.  It took a lot of searching for that perfect recipe, but sometimes, you also want convenience. This is a battle I don’t mind fighting; the battle between the King Arthur cake pan cake recipe and Mina’s Purely divine gluten-free chocolate cake mix.  Either way, it’s a winning proposition, because I get to eat chocolate cake!

The folks at Mina’s were nice enough to send me some free samples, one of which was their chocolate cake mix.  It is not only gluten free but dairy free as well.  It is also free of wheat, soy, corn, dairy, eggs, beans, nuts, oats, barley, rye, and bran.  It is made in a dedicated facility and is also free of GMO’s.

I have posted the recipe for the King Arthur chocolate pan cake several times.  It’s definitely a favorite, but it is a bit involved to make, as you have to do it from scratch.  It has a rich chocolate flavor and is moist.  Of course, I have substituted King Arthur gluten free measure for measure flour here.  Here are the ingredients:

Here are the ingredients:

You can mix this in a bowl, or right in the pan.


picture courtesy of Mina’s


Mina’s gluten free chocolate cake mix is very easy to make.  You only need to add a half cup of vegetable oil or butter, a cup of water, and two eggs to the mix.  I did need to use my kitchen aid mixer, though.   Even so, it was much easier to put together.  I did add some chocolate chips to the batter.  I do the same when I make the King Arthur recipe.  They just give a bit more chocolate flavor.

So, which is my favorite?  It’s close, but for chocolate flavor and moistness, Mina’s chocolate cake mix edges out the King Arthur recipe.  I’m not just saying this because I received a free sample.  I am always honest whenever I review a product or recipe; it’s important to me not to be biased, and I will never sugar coat a bad product or recipe.

I do love the King Arthur gluten free measure for measure flour recipe; not only for its versatility but for its convenience and ease of use.

I love Mina’s mix for its convenience and rich, chocolate flavor.

It’s a close call.  I would recommend trying both to see which one you prefer.

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