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Last week I wrote to several companies, requesting gluten free versions of their most loved products.  I thought I would share them with you.

This is a follow up to last weeks blog post; Hey, Pillsbury dough boy!  I had an interesting range of responses; from the helpful to the ridiculous.

Here is the response I got from Conagra foods, the makers of Chef Boyardee:

Hello Janice,

Thank you for your email.

We appreciate it when our consumers take an interest in our products and let us know what changes they’d like to see. We’ll share your comments with our Chef Boyardee team.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.


Consumer Affairs Representative
Conagra Brands

And the response from Pillsbury about making gluten-free refrigerator biscuits:

Dear Ms. Schroeder,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Pillsbury biscuits.

Your comments are important to our business. Please be assured that we will share them with the appropriate individuals.

Thank you again for contacting us. We appreciate your interest.

Anajeona Wood
Consumer Relations Representative

The response from the makers of Rice-A-Roni leaves a bit to be desired.  I asked if they might consider making a gluten-free version.


Thanks for contacting us about Rice-A-Roni.  We understand your need for gluten free products; however, we cannot guarantee any of our Rice-A-Roni products are entirely free of gluten at this time.  I’ll be sure to let our marketing team know you love this product and you’d like to see gluten-free options available in the future.

Even when gluten is not part of the ingredients, the grains used in our product could be grown, harvested, or stored with other gluten-containing grains, and therefore may contain trace amounts of gluten from those other grains. It may seem minor, but many individuals that are sensitive to gluten cannot tolerate even small amounts.

I hope my response is helpful.  Thanks again for reaching out to us.

Golden Grain Consumer Relations
A Division of PepsiCo

The response from the makers of Heinz gravy made me just shake my head;

Hi Janice,

Thank you for visiting http://www.kraftrecipes.com/.

Thanks so much for taking the time to contact us with your suggestion. We’re always delighted when people care enough about our products and packaging to offer their own creative ideas.

As you might know, we have a new “unsolicited ideas” policy that allows Kraft to consider some types of ideas (mainly for new products and packaging innovations) submitted by consumers. However, our policy does not cover unsolicited ideas regarding: product line extensions, packaging changes, advertising, promotions and recipes ideas.

So, those types of ideas are not sent along to our new “Innovations Team,” who is responsible for analyzing unsolicited ideas under our new policy.

But, we do want you to know that comments shared by our consumers can be very helpful to Kraft. Various Kraft teams do review comments such as yours, which help us identify consumer trends, preferences and needs.

Again, we appreciate you contacting us and applaud both your creativity and loyalty.

Thank you for contacting us, and visit us again soon!


Rama Rengarajan
Director, Consumer Relations

Wow-unsolicited ideas?  I asked about a gluten free version of their gravy products.  I guess they are not “into” customer feedback???   Maybe they get too many “ideas” for new products.

In any case, it’s important to voice your opinion and needs for gluten and dairy free versions of your favorite products.  You can find contact information on each of these company websites.  If you have a favorite product that you would like to see made into a gluten free version, write the company!

Please share your experience with my other readers and followers!!

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