Lactose free butter is a thing



There was a recent post on Facebook about lactose-free butter.  Yes, you read that right. Not milk.  Butter.   And yogurt, sour cream and cream cheese too.  Green Valley Organics makes all of these things, but they make them with goat’s milk.

There is, of course, lactose-free milk on the market, but it is made from cow’s milk.  Green Valley Organics is using the same process by adding a lactase enzyme.  But they add it to their organic goat’s milk.

I have been told that I could probably drink goat’s milk since it is supposedly better tolerated than cow’s milk.  There is only one problem with this-goat’s milk contains twice the whey protein of cow’s milk.  Since whey is my problem, not lactose, I doubt I would be able to drink goat’s milk.

But, if you are lactose intolerant, you might want to consider looking into goat’s milk, and Green Valley Organics.  The fact that you could possibly eat butter might be reason enough.  It’s the one thing, besides cheese, that I really miss, being dairy free.  There really is no substitute.

Distribution is also not wide-spread.  In fact, if I wanted to try their products, I would have to drive 30 miles.  They have a zip code lookup on their site if you are interested in trying it for yourself.

If any of you do try their products, please share your opinion.  I will continue to hope that someday, someone will invent dairy free butter.  Sigh…..

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