Gluten free hacks


When I find a really good article about gluten free hacks, I want to, of course, share it with all of you.  These hacks include baking, as well as general hacks.

Gluten free baking is one of the most difficult things to master in the roster of gluten-free living.  But once you do, it opens up a whole new world.  You can find the original article here.  Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for posting the article.

Substitute oat flour for wheat flour

It can be substituted one for one for wheat flour and can be made quickly in a blender by blending whole grain oats until they are a fine powder.

Use a mix of flours to create better texture

When using two flours, you want to go for a 60/40 ratio.  For more on different flours and how to use them, click here.   Lack of volume can be made up by using xantham or guar gum.  However, watch out for sensitivities as xantham gum, in particular, can cause stomach upset.

Gluten free cake mix has multiple uses

It can be used for pound cakes, muffins, and quick bread as well.

Add baking powder to gluten free flours to help them rise

Sometimes gluten free baked goods need an additional lift.  I also found a tip that says you should use seltzer in gluten free pancakes as well as baking powder, to help them rise.

Substitute corn tortillas for flour tortillas

This is an easy swap but read labels, and be especially careful when dining out.  Corn tortillas are often dusted with wheat flour.

Swap lettuce wraps for bread in sandwiches and burgers

This is a great hack when you are dining out and want to enjoy a burger

Swap coconut or almond milk for cow’s milk

Not only is this better for the cows, and the environment, it’s better for you!  Both can be used in baking and cooking.

Use coconut cream instead of regular cream

Coconut cream can be whipped as well.  It can also be used in recipes calling for heavy cream.  Just be sure to drain the liquid.  If you are whipping the cream , refrigerate overnight so that the cream thickens and separates from the liquid.

Substitute sugar with honey or maple syrup

You can use honey or maple syrup in both cooking and baking instead of sugar.  Be sure to check for ratios-it may not be measure for measure.

Substitute rice for cauliflower

You can make a wonderful fried rice with cauliflower

Make vegetable noodle pasta

Be sure to salt and drain veggies like zucchini before cooking.  Also, don’t overcook as veggie noodles will turn mushy.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and that they make your gluten-free life a little easier!

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