Got milk?  You might not for long

Dairy farms are losing money.  Folks are shying away from dairy and embracing dairy free milk and yogurt.  Animal cruelty activists are citing that removing calves from their mothers to support the dairy industry is cruel. That California cow may not be as happy as you think.  We have been told that milk does a body good.  But does it?

There are many reasons why dairy is bad for you.  Cholesterol, saturated fat, antibiotics and hormones.  Inflammation and heart disease.  And if you are lactose,  whey or casein intolerant you don’t have a choice.   Drink or eat dairy with these conditions and you will sufffer bloating and diarrhea.  Not very pleasant.

I have heard people say they could never give up dairy.  I was one of them.  People often give up gluten but still have digestive issues. Dairy and gluten intolerance often go hand in hand.   Being dairy free is getting easier.  New dairy free products are becoming more available.  And they taste good. They are also fortified with calcium and vitamins.   But there are limitations.  If you have nut or soy allergies, you are pretty much limited to coconut or rice milk.  Most dairy free cheeses are made from soy.  But you do have options.

I think that dairy products will continue to experience a sharp decline over the next five years.  Milking is bad for cows and calves.  Dairy is not so great for humans either.  People are on a health kick right now.  None of this bodes well for the dairy industry.

It comes down to your health.  If you sufffer from gas and bloating you might be dairy intolerant.  It might not just be lactose.  In my case it’s whey protein.  But the only way to be sure is to eliminate dairy for two weeks and then slowly add it back to see if that is the culprit.  In any case,  it might be healthier for you.  Milk from cows is for baby cows, not humans.  We are the only species who drinks another species milk.  And it’s all because of the dairy industry.

So the next time you reach for an icy cold glass of milk, try almond or coconut milk.  Your body, and that California cow might thank you.

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  1. blissfulbohemian17 says:

    But what about all the health benefits from products like greek yogurt? Followed :).


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Yes there are some benefits. In fact I have written a post on grass fed dairy which is minus the hormones and antibiotics that are in commercially processed milk.
      Thanks for following!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. blissfulbohemian17 says:

        Can you link it here?


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