Another dairy free milk hits the market



I recently came across an article on a new diary free milk that claims to taste just like the real thing.  It is not a nut, soy or coconut milk, but a synthetic milk made from yeast.

Perfect Day Milk, the company behind the claim, uses a strain of yeast they call Buttercup:

So they started brewing milk from a strain of yeast they call Buttercup. The process is similar to brewing beer. First, Perfect Day feeds sugars to yeast. Then it adds in non-lactose sugar, vitamins, minerals, and proteins (the same casein and whey proteins found in cow’s milk).

If you are lactose intolerant, this might be great news.  But if you are casein or why intolerant, as I am, then this is not going to be anything you can drink.  Sigh….. lactose is not my problem, which is why I can’t drink Lactaid, or eat cheddar cheese.  I had to give up all dairy for this reason.   I can eat small amounts of parmesan, which is weird, but no other cheese.

I do give the company credit for making a product for the lactose intolerant that doesn’t contain lactase-the enzyme that breaks down the lactose in Lactaid milk, and that also causes a sweet aftertaste.  Not necessarily bad, but it is there.

Being dairy free is much tougher than just being gluten free.  It’s a double whammy. People who are just gluten intolerant can eat ice cream,  cheesecake (with gluten free crust), cream cheese, cream sauces, etc.  But I can’t.  Most restaurants use butter and cheese in everything.  Add in a nut allergy, and there isn’t much left.

You might want to try this milk out if you are lactose intolerant.  They’re hoping to have it in stores by the end of 2017.


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