The blame game



The other night, my hubby and I were craving steak, so we went to our favorite local steak house, Colorado Grill.

The staff here is very attentive to dietary allergies and intolerances, but the waitress we had the other night really went above and beyond.  Or so I thought.

The restaurant was crowded, so we were seated in the bar area.  The waitress came over, and I ordered my usual Filet Mignon and sweet potato fries.  I told her about my gluten, dairy and nut allergies.  However, she did not write anything down.  I was a bit irritated by this;  I mean, how could she possibly remember what to tell the chef?

The salad came out, without croutons and cheese, thank goodness.  She had asked me, no butter on the steak, right?  I nodded yes.  So when the steak came out, guess what?  It was swimming in butter.  Now, she did say she wrote no butter on the ticket.  But what ticket?Did she write it up after she left our table?  “This has butter on it, I can see it.”  She removed the plate and had the kitchen fire a whole new meal for me, sans butter.   Dinner was saved, and so was my tummy.  But who was really to blame?  She blamed the kitchen staff.  No doubt they blamed her.

In contrast to this, for our meal out in Maryland recently, we had an outstanding waitress who knew the menu backwards and forwards.  Kudos to her. 

This brings to light the utter importance of good wait staff.  Kitchen staff is important, no doubt, but it is the wait staff who can make your night out a living hell, or a trip to food nirvana.  I will state, though, that she should have written down the order in front of me.  I really have no way of knowing whether she forgot, or the kitchen didn’t read the ticket, as she stated.  Or was she fishing for a good tip?  

I don’t believe that any waiter or waitress has such a great memory, especially in a busy restaurant, that he or she can “remember” that you might have life threatening food allergies.  You can be sure that next time, I will insist that the waiter or waitress write down my order.  Just to be on the safe side.


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