Review of Udi’s cinnamon buns

udis cinnamon rolls


Anyone who has been reading or following my blog for any length of time knows of my love affair with Udi’s.  I love their breads, there is no doubt.  But I am sad to report that I am not so in love with their baked goods.

Unfortunately for me, most of their baked goods contain dairy.  Their cinnamon rolls do not, however.  My local Kroger carries a few of their items, so while I was picking up cinnamon bread the other day, I also picked up a tray of cinnamon rolls.

In their defense, my local store does not keep any of these products in the freezer.  All of the other gluten free breads are kept there, so I am not sure why they keep the Udi’s out. They keep it on a display in the bread aisle.  Maybe Udi’s has a contract with them to do so-if so, they are shooting themselves in the foot, and I will tell you why.

The cinnamon rolls were hard as a rock.  I tried nuking them for longer than the 10 seconds instructed on the package, but to no avail.  Granted, the caramel icing was a nice touch, but it didn’t help.  I tried cutting up the buns before nuking, but again, no change. I am truly bummed.  I wanted these to be good.

Stale bread can be toasted, but not cinnamon buns.  Okay, I suppose I could pop them in the oven, but that defeats the whole purpose of buying these, doesn’t it?  I will speak to my local store, and perhaps even write to Udi’s and find out why they are not keeping their products in the freezer.  I have had a great response from them in the past.  They really care about their customers.

I will not stop buying Udi’s-not ever.  This is just a small bump in the road.

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