Beware of online gurus

Disclaimer:  This post and the content in it are my opinion only.  Always do your research and form your own opinions.

“Watch out now, take care, beware of soft shoe shufflers”…..George Harrison

Soft shoe shufflers, hucksters, snake oil salesmen, gurus, charlatans; beware of those who try to sell you shinola.

A recent Facebook post led me to an online search of a so-called “nutritionist” whose credentials include  the Institute of Nutritional Leadership.  This is an online course that teaches “nutrition” run by a Josh Axe, DC at a cost of $200.

There’s an article on the site on Dr. Axe’s appearance on Dr. Oz.  This was all I needed to hear-Dr. Oz.  If you read the article and the comments (the article is well researched) you will see that Dr. Axe consistently contradicts himself.

Just because someone took an online course in nutrition does not mean that they are qualified to give advice on health.  I looked into taking one of these online courses in order to be better qualified in helping people overcome the obstacles they face daily on a gluten free diet.  After reading up on a couple of these sites, I realized they were just either money makers or complete shams.

I feel that my qualifications come from time itself.  I have learned quite a bit about gluten free living having lived it.  I’d be willing to bet that these online experts have not lived the life.

There are ways to find a qualified nutritionist or dietician if you need help with your diet.

  • Registered Nutritionists must usually have a bachelor’s degree,  do an internship, pass a state exam and then apply for a license (varies by state)
  • Clinical dietitians usually have a BS degree, must do an internship and then apply for a license.  (varies by state)
  • an online health coach will most likely not have these credentials.
  • Beware of any health coach that tells you to avoid an entire food group unless you have allergies or an intolerance.
  • A nutritionist should work with your food preferences.  They should not force you to give up or avoid foods you love unless you have dietary restrictions.
  • If something seems wrong, go with your gut.  Don’t follow directions blindly.

What I’m trying to say here is caveat emptor-buyer beware.  Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook or see on TV.  Think for yourself and do your research.  It is important for your well being to be an advocate of your own health.  I cannot stress this enough.  Don’t even take everything I say for granted.  Everyone is wrong some of the time and right some of the time.

So where can you find a qualified nutritionist in your area?

Academy of nutrition and dietetics

“Watch out now, take care beware of greedy leaders, they take you where you should not go”.   George Harrison.

Watch out now…….


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