Amazon vs Jet-which is better for gluten free?


We all know that we can’t always find all of our favorite gluten free products in our local store.  While I love, it takes about ten days to receive an order from them (depending on  your location).

I love and have been a customer since the time when they only sold books.  I have never had a problem returning anything to them, but when it comes to ordering gluten free products, I have one problem.  It is really difficult to get one of any product-they  usually sell in bulk.  If I am unfamiliar with a product, or need only one of it, I don’t want to order six at a time, at an increased cost.

I recently discovered  I ordered 3 individual boxes of snack bars from them.  I know they are competing with, and at first I thought-good luck with that!  But I find there are definite benefits to ordering from them.

So, how do they compare?

Here is a screenshot of Enjoy life Coco loco bars on Amazon:

As you can see, you  have to order a pack of six, at the cost of $20.41.  The other size available is one 96 count box.  So no single size, individual boxes.

coco loco bars jet  

On, you can order one box and they also offer 2 day delivery.  They also offer a discount if you use your debit card.  The 15% off is only for a $35 order, but it’s still a good deal.  You can also see that the price goes down the more you order.

This is just one example of how Amazon and Jet differ.  I was able to order one box of gluten free lasagna from yesterday.  I have never tried it before so I want to make sure I like it.  If you order from Amazon, you will be stuck with a lot of food you don’t like.

Amazon is great for most everything, but not necessarily great for ordering gluten free products.  The only exception here might be gluten free flour, if you use a lot of it.

It’s always wise to explore your options where gluten free is concerned.  It’s an expensive way of life, so it behooves you to try to save money wherever you can.

If you have any money saving tips for ordering gluten free foods, please share in the comments.




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