Aww nuts, I’m allergic, Part 2

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I posted this a couple of days ago, but for some reason, it completely disappeared.  So here it is again….

The other day, I went for an allergy skin test.  It was not what I was expecting-it’s not the 100 skin pricks like they do for environmental allergies.  They only test you for things you have already reacted to.  In my case, it’s peanuts and tree nuts.  They wanted to include coconut and sesame, but I told the allergist I am not allergic to these.  Good thing, since about all that is left to me is coconut milk.

The Medical assistant actually pricked me on the back, which is something I didn’t expect. To keep you from scratching, she said.  I immediately felt itchy, and had an adrenaline rush.  I had to wait 15 minutes for the test to be completed.

When she came back, she checked for hives.  It turns out I did not react to tree nuts or peanuts, but that doesn’t mean I am not allergic.  The itching was caused by a control of histamine.   It might take more for me to have a reaction, or because I am ingesting the allergen, and not having it rubbed into my skin.

The allergist gave me an epipen, which was my goal in having this test done.  Especially if I am going on a cruise-I don’t know how prepared or how careful the kitchen is, and if they even have an epipen on board.  They probably have one-and if someone else uses it, I’m in trouble.

She told me to avoid eating nuts.  It shouldn’t be that difficult if I am careful what I order.  I am convinced that giving up gluten and dairy has caused me to develop other allergies. My son and my brother, who both follow the gluten and dairy free lifestyle, have developed allergies to raspberries and eggs, respectively.

Just in case it is not a nut allergy, but something else, I am prepared for the worst.   I have been carrying benadryl with me since my first issue, but will now carry the epipen along with it for a more serious reaction.

In light of this, I just bought my first jar of Sun butter.  It’s actually pretty good.  Oh well, nuts to nuts!


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  1. Gosh! tough break – considering you can’t always guarantee that other food hasn’t been handled in the same factory as one that nuts has. Wish the best for you. I hope you enjoy the cruise. Where are you going? xx


    1. jschroeder says:

      Thanks so much! Going to Hawaii- already let the cruise line know.


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