Sometimes the cookie wins…giving into cravings

cookie monster

It has been a very rough couple of months for us, what with my husband’s heart disease diagnosis and the drastic changes that had to be made.

We have been eating healthy since April, and sometimes, it gets really old.  I’ve never been a big salad person, or for that matter, a healthy diet person.  Neither has the hubby.  But if we want to keep his heart healthy, we had to make some changes.

I have not eaten a cookie in over three months.  That may not seem like such a long time, but to a carb and dessert addict, it is an eternity.   I can tell you that if there is a package of cookies in the house, I will eat them all in two days.  I have no self control whenever they are within 20 feet of me.

It’s been a bit hard on me; this caregiver’s role I had to slip into, so I decided to follow my own advice of “once in awhile is ok” and I bought a package of gluten free brownie chocolate chip cookies today.  It’s time to treat myself.

We eat fruit and veggies every day, and we try to avoid a lot of sugar and saturated fat. Notice I said try-we refuse to be fanatical.  That’s no way to live.

You will read all kinds of conflicting information on whether to “cheat” or not.  But is is really cheating?  I mean, how is treating the soul and the heart to a little pleasure cheating?   Where do we draw the line?  And who is the judge and jury, anyway?

I recently read an article on the worst 10 salad dressings.  Yes, they are full of things that are not exactly “good” for me, but if putting a tablespoon of “bad” dressing helps me to eat that salad, then I say, why not?   Mary Poppins had the right idea.

What I’m trying to say is, whatever you need to do to find a way to be more healthy, do it. Not just physically, but mentally. Eat a cookie once in awhile, or a piece of chocolate-drink a glass of wine.  We are on this planet for such a short while-enjoy life as much as you possibly can. Moderation is key here, but if I should eat that whole box of cookies by tomorrow, I won’t feel the least bit guilty.  Life is too short, my friends; life is too short.

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