Aloha! Cruising to Hawaii gluten free


It has been a dream of mine for a very long time to go to Hawaii.  My mom never got to go because my dad was in the navy and travelled all over the pacific-he just didn’t want to go back there.

We were originally going to go to Aruba, but when my husband quit smoking I decided to go for the Hawaiian cruise, since smoking on the ship is really restricted.  It does make a big difference when you are a smoker-and I am glad I no longer have to take that into consideration when planning a trip.

Part of the planning is, of course, my dietary restrictions.  Not only is this a consideration on the ship, but on shore excursions as well.  The last thing I want happening on a shore excursion is to be sick with no bathroom available.

I contacted Norwegians special needs department right after I made my  initial deposit in January.  They sent me a form to fill out to indicate any dietary restrictions and allergies, and then forwarded it to my ship, The Pride of America.  I just added my nut allergies to the restrictions.  They have been wonderful about accommodating me.

The ship will also prepare a box lunch for any shore excursions if dietary needs cannot be met.  I have booked two excursions with the ship: Luau Kalamaku, and an excursion to Pearl Harbor on the last day.  I booked two other excursions off the ship; a helicopter ride over a volcano at Hilo, and the road to Hana.  I will not need a meal for the helicopter ride, and I have already contacted the excursion company with my dietary needs for the road to Hana lunch.  They were also very nice and very helpful in providing me with a safe meal.

I was really impressed with the luau website-they show all ingredients for all dishes available on the buffet.  I wish all restaurants would do this so that it would be easier for those of us with dietary restrictions to pick a safe meal.  I wish the ship would do this so I can plan in advance, but, I understand that I am to meet with the restaurant manager once we board the ship to discuss my options, then I will be picking the next days meals in advance.

We plan on visiting at least one beach-I am hoping to be able to take a box lunch with me from the ship, even though it is not a ship excursion.

I am looking forward to a safe, wonderful vacation.  I am hoping to blog live from the ship every day.  My understanding is that I can do so while we are in port.  Once at sea roaming charges kick in so I will try to blog if I can to keep you all updated.


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    Wow! Congrats!


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