Going local-supporting local farms

farmers market


Our local farmers market here in White House, TN, opened up last month.  We have never experienced fresh produce and meat right from the farm before.

While the local Kroger has pretty good produce and meats, there is nothing like fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables and meats.

It is a bit of a challenge, when you are able to get almost any produce you want year round at the supermarket, to realize that what is available locally goes by growing seasons.  We have to keep this in mind when we want specific items, like spinach.

It rained every time for the first several weeks on market day, but yesterday, they had some luck and the weather was beautiful.  The farmers set up at the local library parking lot every Wednesday from 3:30-7:00.

There are farmers who sell eggs and chicken, beef, pork, etc., and those who only sell vegetables.  Some sell jams and honey.  There are even food vendor trucks each week.

The farm fresh eggs are incredible, with bright orange yolks.  The chicken is not full of antibiotics, and not raised inhumanely.  You can really taste the difference.

The veggies we have bought are at the peak of ripeness, and very tasty.   The local farmers answer any questions you might have on the raising of live stock.

I only wish that these locally grown veggies and meats were more affordable.  It’s a shame that farmers have to charge such high prices to make a profit.  But that is why it is so important to support local farmers.

So go and find a local farm stand, market, or farm and taste some of that unspoiled goodness.  Support your local farmers!

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