Review of Acme Feed and Seed, Nashville


Yesterday we took our kids into Nashville for the day.  Our plan was to have lunch, then head over to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

We hit traffic on Route 65 and were sitting for a good half hour.  Once we got into downtown, it was just as congested.   Our boys took their own car, and beat us to the restaurant. We parked on Commerce and Third Avenue, then walked to First Avenue to the restaurant.  It was brutally hot-at least 100 degrees.

I picked Acme Feed and Seed out of all the restaurants in the downtown area because they could accommodate all of our food intolerances.  The main reason was that they have sushi-yes, you read that right, sushi.  This is a safe meal for my gluten intolerant son and I.  I was really surprised that they had this in Nashville, and it’s authentic.

Here is a link to the menu.  On the first floor, they serve chicken, pork, beef, fish and vegetarian items.  On the second floor, they have the sushi bar.  My husband and daughter ordered their meals downstairs, then joined us upstairs to eat.  It is much nicer, and much less crowded upstairs, but you can only eat up there if you order sushi.

It’s a bit of a strange arrangement-a waitress takes your drink and sushi order, even though you are seated at the sushi bar.  The sushi chefs were great-we were discussing a plate of something in the case, and he gave us a taste.  Then he said that he makes a vegetable roll including this item and then veggies.  He gave us a free roll to try.

We sat down at a nice table together to eat.  The sushi was amazing.   Here is a link to the sushi menu.   It’s a bit on the expensive side but worth every penny.  We were never charged for our drinks-I guess cause we spent so much on sushi.  I tipped the waitress well to make up for it.

After lunch, we walked over to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  This should not be missed.  It is not just about Country Music-it encompasses all genres.  Afterwards, we ducked into a honkytonk for a few minutes.  The girl in the band sang a spot-on rendition of Me and Bobby McGee.

We had a great, if exhausting day.  If you find yourself in Nashville and love sushi, you can’t beat Acme Feed and Seed.

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