Why isn’t gluten free food advertised?

Watching TV this morning, a commercial for a local restaurant, Captain D’s, came on for the umpteenth time.  Listening to the food offerings of fried fish, fried chicken, etc, I wondered why more restaurants and supermarkets don’t advertise that they have gluten or dairy free options.

As you can see in their allergen menu, everything either has wheat or dairy.  Even if they don’t offer allergen free options, I am sure that there are local and chains that do.  So why don’t they advertise it?

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 2.11.55 PM

Even in the weekly ads of supermarkets, you never see any gluten free products advertised.  With the growing amount of people joining the gluten free train, I wonder why this is.  You would think this would be an advertising goldmine.

It is becoming a bit easier to find allergen menus for most chains, but wouldn’t it be great if they said something like:

Along with our regular menu items, we offer gluten and dairy free options.  We can accommodate most food allergies, just ask your server.

I can’t believe they don’t see the potential money maker here.  People with food intolerances and allergies would come in droves.  We are so limited in our choices, and I for one am tired of having to do research in order to find a place I can eat safely in.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I hope that soon, my dream will come true.  Wouldn’t it be great?


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