My gluten experiment


Last night, for the first time in two years, I had two slices of supermarket pizza.

As I wrote in a previous post,  I decided to do this to find out what would happen if I actually ate gluten and also dairy.   There are certain times when this would come in handy-especially when dining out.  But only in a controlled situation.

I took a half an Immodium about an hour and half before I consumed the pizza.  Unfortunately, frozen pizza is not that great-next time I will order out.  But it was good-especially that chewy, yeasty crust.

The Immodium bought me about 20 hours of no symptoms.  I did expect to get sick, and luckily the outcome was delayed.  This could be carefully planned in the future; as long as I am close to home (in case of immediate symptoms), and as long as I have no plans for the following day.

I won’t be doing this on a regular basis-I used to take Immodium every day before I cut gluten and dairy out of my diet.  An occasional dose, when I want to have something special at a restaurant, seems okay.  As we know, being gluten and dairy free leaves very little choice when dining out-and I am sick of grilled chicken, steak and salmon, and plain vegetables.

I won’t be doing this on my cruise to Hawaii in September.  I believe that the seasickness I experienced on the last two cruises we took was mostly due to gluten and dairy consumption.  I have already alerted the cruise line of my dietary restrictions.

This experiment opens up some new possibilities.


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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    I’m going on three (?) weeks eating no bread. The question mark is there because it’s only a guess. It’s been at least two, that much I’m sure. I’m still eating pasta, but the bread, not so much. And yes, I love pizza, but having already given up (mostly at least) cheese; pizza is just not pizza without cheese, pizza just isn’t going to work. Oh I’m not saying I won’t ever touch the stuff again, (comfort food is after all, comforting), bread or pizza just isn’t on my “to eat” list right now. And no, the stuff doesn’t make me sick, I just want to get away from some of the problems associated.


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      It’s s tough call- but if you’re having symptoms an elimination of all gluten will give you a better idea. Try Udis bread- it’s pretty good.

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      1. Kenneth T. says:

        Bbbut I’m not having symptoms, not really, I just know it’s healthier not to eat so much, and I do love bread. It hasn’t been as difficult not to eat it, as I had thought, biscuits, rolls, and crackers oh my, no cakes or cookies either.
        I have seen that bread in the store and because you recommend it, I just might give it a try.


      2. glutenfreelady says:

        It’s not healthy to avoid gluten if you don’t have symptoms! You might want to consult a nutritionist to help you out.


      3. Kenneth T. says:

        I find that interesting, but I’m thinking that I’m not eliminating all gluten from my diet by cutting back on bread consumption. I do eat generous portions of pasta type products, two, three, or four times a week, just no breads.
        I just had a work physical done a week ago and while I don’t know the results, they normally tell us if anything is amiss.


      4. glutenfreelady says:

        I hope it all works out for you.


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