I accidentally ate wheat pasta…and here’s why



Last night, I made another batch of chicken parmesan, and what I thought was gluten free pasta.  I made the pasta in my microwave as I always do.  After cooking, I tasted it to make sure it was done.  As gluten free pasta often has to be rinsed, I checked the box for instructions.  That’s when I saw it: CONTAINS GLUTEN.

A quick look at the box confirmed my worst fear-I had bought wheat pasta by mistake. How did this happen?  The lack of a dedicated gluten free section in my local supermarket.

Both the local Kroger, and the local Walmart chose to mix gluten free items with regular, wheat items.  I never quite understood why it’s so difficult to have a dedicated gluten free section in a supermarket.  Is it not cost effective?  Is it pure laziness?

In the Kroger store, the gluten free items are not only spread about the store, but some are in the pharmacy section.  Yes, the pharmacy, with the health foods.  As if gluten free food were healthy.

I’ve gotten to know the store pretty well in the six months I’ve lived here, but it’s really easy to just pick up a wheat containing item when it’s sitting right next to a gluten free item.  Who can say they haven’t done this?

So far, I have not gotten sick, but I think the Immodium I took the day before has something to do with that. Something upset my stomach, and I took a half pill.  I took Immodium for years when my IBS was out of control, and I still take it on rare occasions.

Yes, once piece of wheat pasta could make me sick for days-this also bears out the existence of non-celiac gluten intolerance.  Once you eliminate a food group from your diet, your body can no longer handle it if you happen to eat it, or decide to return it to your regular diet.  But this brings me to another question.

Could Immodium allow me to eat gluten, or even dairy?  I mean, should I be glutened at a restaurant, or even if I choose to eat something I normally wouldn’t, would it stop me being sick?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to do this on a regular basis, but it bears thinking about. Maybe an experiment is in order?  I truly miss going out to eat;  I have pretty much given it up because I usually get sick every time.

Just yesterday, my husband and I decided to try going out again, maybe twice a month. Given both our dietary restrictions; mine being gluten and dairy, his being salt and high fat, we figure indulgence for him once in awhile would be okay.  Would it be possible for me, I wonder?

If I don’t get sick from the wheat pasta,  I think I am going to try this out again the next time we go out to dinner.   There is a local place that has gluten free pizza; something I miss more than anything.  But it has cheese on it-and since I can’t eat dairy, this would also be a good test of my theory.

I will certainly post my findings.  Stay tuned!

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