There’ll be some changes made


A few days ago, our whole world changed.  My husband is being treated for coronary artery disease.

This did not come on suddenly, but we didn’t realize this was the problem until a few days ago.

So what does this mean?  It means we will both have to change our diet.  I will, of course, still eat gluten and dairy free.  But now whatever we eat will have to also be heart healthy.

No more pre-packaged cookies, cakes, or dinners.  I will be cooking all of our meals from now on.  I did look up fodmap+heart healthy and came up with some recipes.  I will have to change my whole way of cooking.  Low saturated fat, low sodium and low sugar.  Whole grain for him.  It will be a juggling act for sure.

It will be hard giving up my conveniences.  I will still be using gluten free baking mixes and flour, but will have to cut down on the frequency of my baking.  I will be trying to incorporate more fruit into my baking.

We will also be eating more fish, chicken and lean meats.  Easy on the red meat.

I will be posting recipes as I go.  I will also be going ahead with my book “Gluten Envy” as planned.  I will probably now add a chapter for those with CAD who are also gluten and dairy intolerant.

If anyone can suggest websites for recipes I would be most grateful.


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  1. DaisyWillows says:

    Sorry to hear about your husband. We are nothing without our health so the changes will be worth it x


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Thank you. You are so right.


  2. Jessica Adam says:

    I had pretty good luck with the DASH diet, which is actually for diabetes. You’d have to swap Gf and dairy around in recipes I bet. But, it has lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats. Also, my husband is on one. I think it’s called TLC. Low carb, lots of vegetables and some fruit.

    Glad it’s he’s doing ok. 🙂


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Thanks so much

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      1. Jessica Adam says:

        You’re welcome. 🙂


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