Here comes Peter Cottontail…

happy easter


I have many happy memories of childhood Easters, and Easter baskets.  We had a huge, sugar coated egg that we would get every year-what ever happened to those?

But of course, aside from jelly beans, who could forget Mr. Chocolate Bunny?  We would always eat the ears first!

And don’t forget the chocolate, cream, and peanut butter eggs.  But alas, those days are but a dim memory.

No more chocolate for me.

I’m glad I’m grown up now and won’t miss out as much.  Yes, I can still eat Easter eggs, and jelly beans.

Last year, I ordered chocolate peanut butter eggs from  They were pretty good, but really pricey.

Since then, I have found Enjoy Life gluten and dairy free chocolate-and I can make my own treats.

Happy Easter!



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