Fool me once….


fool me once


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am thinking of going paleo.  But I will have to adjust for fodmap/IBS foods on the paleo diet.

I was browsing paleo/fodmap recipes to give me some ideas, and I came across a post that has one of my greatest pet peeves-the poster did NOT do her research.  She advises to use coconut sugar in the recipe, stating it is a fodmap friendly food.  IT IS NOT!  In fact, it is high in inulin-a big no-no if you have IBS or are fodmap sensitive.  I know this first hand-it tore my stomach up the one time I tried it.

In fact, table sugar, and all its derivatives, is really the only safe sugar for IBS/fodmap sufferers.

You can bet that any recipe I try out and post has been checked.  Yes, things slip by-such as my recent post on my apple pie-“don’t forget the cool whip”.  Well, cool whip now has milk and cream.  It does not seem to bother me, but it might bother someone else.  I will be editing that post.

Why can’t people who are posting these recipes do their due diligence?  Is it laziness, lack of knowledge, or just plain stupidity?

I have said it many times before, and I will say it again and again until it becomes part of your routine: You MUST check on every ingredient, whether in a recipe, at the store, or at a restaurant.  Don’t be intimidated!  It is your health that is at stake.  If someone has an issue with that, that’s too bad for them.  Stand up for yourself people!  NO one else will do it for you!

Ok, rant over-for now…….

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