Heigh ho, Heigh ho it’s back to work I go…

seven dwarfs


After being off from work for six months, I am returning to a part time job on Monday.

I have mixed feelings.  I have been enjoying my freedom to do what I want when I want, but I am becoming a bit too focused on my retired husband.  I think it will do us both good for me to get out of the house and meet some new people.

If my last job hadn’t laid me off, and I hadn’t been about to move across country, I would have quit.  Not only was the commute and the constant barrage of screaming, yelling, unhappy customers stressing me out, but the whole gluten free in a work setting where your co-workers don’t give a rat’s ass was as well.

Things seem a bit different here in the South-I was amazed to get a phone call two days after I applied to the job.  Usually it’s at least three or four weeks until you even get a phone interview.   The interview itself could not have been easier….no raking over the coals because I took six months off, no why do you want to work here…..in fact, I felt an instant rapport with the person who interviewed me.  And even though they tell you don’t get too friendly with your interviewer, it seemed to work.  I was hired on the spot.

Of course, I had just begun looking and have planned some things down the road-this also did not seem to be a problem.  So with no commute to speak of (the office is literally two minutes away) and a 20 hour work week, I am pretty confident I can handle this.

This of course, brings me to the subject of this post-how will my co-workers be with my dietary restrictions?  I will be working a later shift so office pot lucks and holiday feasts may not be an issue.  Granted, my training will be earlier in the day, but I am hoping to explain myself only once.  But what should I say?  That I have celiac?  The results of my DNA test are still pending, so that is not a proven fact right now.  But like having diabetes, it is easier to say you have an autoimmune disease than trying to explain gluten and dairy intolerance, and why you can’t eat that blueberry muffin, cupcake, or layer cake your co-worker brought in.  And recently, being gluten free has become the new fat-shaming.

I was in the doctor’s office yesterday, and a patient had brought the staff muffins.  Even here where I live, people are constantly bringing the office staff “goodies”.  It must be a thing here.  Never happen in New Jersey.

But as we all know, all of those things make us cringe.  Yes, people are much nicer here.  But will that carry over to a yankee girl who is new in town?  That remains to be seen. I can tell you that while I was waiting for my interview, one of the representatives came out of the back room and walked right past me as if I were invisible.  And, while I was waiting for my interview, it seemed no one knew I was sitting there as they talked about me over the intercom. No one introduced themselves.  Signs of things to come?

Of course, since the pressure for me to work is now no longer an issue at the first sign of BS I am out of there.  I do not need the stress in my life anymore.

No doubt I will be writing about my experiences here in this blog.  So stay tuned.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    YAY! -a bit like going back to school after the holidays. Is it an interesting job at least/


  2. Joyfull Mom says:

    WOW! EnJOY your last days off. Are you excited to go back to work?


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      Yes and no. It’s claims intake. Not really that exciting. I’ll see how it goes.


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