Around the world I searched for you…

gwtw countries screenshot

When I started this blog last year, I had no idea how many people in how many countries I would reach.  Looking at the above statistics, it is apparent that gluten issues are a world wide concern.

Sometimes we Americans think we are the only country with problems.  I think this is mainly because of mainstream media.  Gluten is constantly in the news here, for better or worse.  When is the last time you heard news of Greece or Switzerland’s gluten issues?  Probably never.   This year, I have even had people from the United Arab Emirates and Israel visit my blog.  I had no idea that people in these countries had gluten issues.  You probably didn’t either.  It’s not something you think about.

Recently, I posted about traveling to Aruba and finding gluten and dairy free options there.  Our plans have recently changed, and we have decided to go on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands on Norwegian cruise line.  The last two times I cruised, I got horribly sick.  I now believe it was in part due to my gluten and dairy issues.  The fact that the ship was pitching and rolling didn’t help either.  But this cruise does not go out into open sea.  It is the best way to see all of Hawaii at once.  The cruise line is also a U. S. owned ship, unlike most cruise ships, which have foreign registry.

The cruise line has many gluten free options, so I am sure I will be ok.  But Hawaii itself is very gluten free friendly.  Most people would not realize that.  I know it is still the U. S. but it is still an island, where everything has to be imported which might affect your choices.   Even our tour of the Road to Hana can accommodate me.  It only took a simple phone call.  I was pretty amazed.

But back to what I was saying earlier-gluten intolerance, and to a smaller degree, dairy intolerance, are world wide issues.  It seems some countries, and even states, are more accommodating than others.  Why is that?  Has gluten free gotten a bad name, not only here, but overseas as well?   I hope to travel more and find out.  But for now, I will explore the U. S. and find out how that works out.

I would love to hear your gluten and dairy free travel experiences!   And of course, if anyone has visited Hawaii, I would love to hear about that as well!

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